Worthplaying | ‘Level Zero’ Is An Asymmetrical Multiplayer Horror Game Coming To PlayStation, Xbox and PC In 2023

Level-Zero is an asymmetrical six-player PvP sci-fi survival horror experience pitting a team of terrified scientists against a relentless pack of alien monsters in a deadly contest of wits and stealth.

In Level-Zero, light is life. Four players take on the role of a team of human scientists, scrambling to action as the power fails in their research facility. To stand any chance at survival, they must repair the base’s power systems, or be consumed by the nightmares lurking in the shadows. The science team must coordinate and communicate to search for vital tools, failing fuse panels and vital sources of light such as flares and glowsticks. Guns won’t help against the threat they face – will anyone survive this dark day?

The second team enter the fray as a pair of endlessly respawning monsters, deadly and powerful in shadow, but terribly vulnerable to light. Armed with razor-sharp claws, blinding spit, the ability to place living land-mines, disable electrical systems with an organic EMP blast or disarm their prey with a primal scream, they are incredibly versatile and powerful hunters that thrive in darkness. Lethal and relentless, the monsters can sense the pounding heartbeats of the scientists and track their victims through the facility. The only thing they fear is light, capable of burning them to ash in an instant.

And so begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. The monsters will not relent until every last scientist lies dead. Who will win in this this tense battle of human ingenuity versus extraterrestrial brutality?

Tensions will rise as the power goes out…

Interested fans can already sign up for the upcoming closed beta.

Key Features:

    • Use light as an ultimate weapon: As a scientist, your main weapon against the creatures is light. Use numerous items and physically simulated sources of light to repel the creatures and buy your team much-needed time.
    • Work as a team to complete objectives: Work together to repair the broken objectives and escape. Your success does not depend on your aiming skills and reflexes, but on how well you coordinate. Update your teammates with valuable call-outs, support them to complete the objectives promptly, and fend off the creatures to save your crew’s lives.
    • Manage your consumables wisely: Having limited resources, choose wisely whether to use the flare to light your path in the darkness, or save it as a weapon of last resort. Check the station’s storage areas to find useful loot and support your teammates.
    • Unlock perks and customize your character: Every match brings you XP and in-game currency. Choose the right build for each round, but be prepared to lose the perks if your team is eliminated. Customize your character with new skins and cosmetics!
    • Place traps to defend yourselves: Scientists can deploy a powerful motion-activated floodlight, while creatures can place nests with facehugger-like monsters that might spell doom for a lone Scientist.
    • Death is not the end: Respawn as a drone to guide your team across the dark corridors and detect monster trails using UV light, ping mission objectives, carry found items to your teammates, and warn them about the monsters!
    • Ambush and slaughter survivors in the darkness: Navigate stealthily through vent shafts & use telepathic abilities and EMP to disable sources of light. Stalk your prey in the darkness and ambush humans when the light goes off. Random blackouts can turn the tide of the match!
    • Use passive abilities: Sense survivors’ heartbeats through walls, then find the best position to attack when they least expect it.
    • Explore various tactics and skills: Coordinate together to wreak havoc and cause chaos on the survivors’ team. Plan the location & timing of your attacks to jumpscare the unsuspecting survivors. Use your staggering scream to overwhelm them before the attack.
    • Use random blackouts to your advantage: As a monster, you can see perfectly in the darkness – when a random blackout happens, it’s your turf and your rules – no human being can escape your hunt.

Level-Zero is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam) in 2023.

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