Upcoming Xbox One games for 2022 and beyond

Upcoming Xbox One games for 2022 and beyond

Even though we're nearing the end of the year, there are still plenty of great Xbox One titles on the way.

The latest batch of announcements during the Xbox and Bethesda expo revealed much more to add to our increasing wishlists,

with some Xbox exclusives and a slew of new games also heading to Xbox Game Pass.

There's no shortage of fantastic games on the future, from Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion to Saints Row and more.

We've compiled a list of the most anticipated Xbox One titles to look forward to below.

Read on to remain up to date on the most interesting releases coming to Xbox One in 2022 and beyond,

all categorized in release date order so you know what to add to your wishlist first.

The release date for Two Point Campus is August 9, 2022.

What exactly is it? The company behind Two Point Hospital has released their next management simulation (and the original creators of Theme Hospital).

As we move away from medical and toward college, Two Point Campus is the next phase in the Two Point universe's journey.