One Year After Kentaro Miura's Death, 'Berserk' Will Return Miura's friend, illustrator Kouji Mori, will oversee the continuation of the iconic manga.

Miura's helpers will finish the enormous dark fantasy manga under the direction of his colleague Kouji Mori.

After Kentaro Miura's death last year, fans grieved the early conclusion of one of the most celebrated manga series in the last 30 years.

Not so anymore. Young Animal, the Japanese manga magazine that has published Berserk since 1992, published an open letter late Monday.

announced that Miura's assistants would continue to draw and publish the series under the supervision of manga author Kouji Mori, Kentaro Miura's colleague and childhood friend.

In a statement, Young Animal declared, "We will resume serialization of Berserk." "Please accept our sincere apologies for the lengthy delay in making this statement."

The statement goes on to say that, prior to his death, Miura had spoken with Mori extensively about the plots and arcs he had planned for Berserk, as well as the series' conclusion. 

Following Miura's death, Mori pondered giving an interview or writing an essay about what he knew about Berserk's intended ending

but instead accepted an invitation to continue the manga from Firm Gaga, Miura's manga studio created by his helpers and apprentices.

In the statement, Mori said, "I have a message and a pledge to everyone." "I'll try to remember as many details as possible and relate the narrative."

I'll focus on Miura's episodes. No details. "Many of you may not be happy with Berserk without Miura," Mori said. "But we hope everyone's thoughts are with us."

Six additional chapters of the  "Fantasia Arc/Elf Island Chapter" will be published by Young Animal.

before moving on to a new arc. From now on, the manga will be credited as follows: "Kentarou Miura's original work, Studio Gaga's manga, and Kouji Mori's supervision."