Neon White: How To Get The Best Ending

Neon White: How To Get The Best Ending

The majority of gamers who complete Neon White will be unaware of the game's secret conclusion. There are no controllable decisions in this game, nor are there many RPG features. 

Despite this, there is only one option in the entire game. The problem is that most gamers will never make it.

To anyone who hasn't finished Neon White yet and wants to see the multiple endings for themselves, this entire essay must be prefaced with a clear spoiler warning. 

The first section is safe to read because it explains how to get the nice conclusion, but ignore the second headline because it explains the details and distinctions between the two possible outcomes.

Everyone's Insight should be maximized. Do not begin mission twelve until you have completed the steps below. Look for all of the gifts. Please return all gifts. Complete all side tasks.

Players must locate every gift in the game to maximize each character's insights. Technically, everyone's memories must be unlocked, however the last step in each insight meter is always a memory, therefore no missed presents are allowed.

This, in Green's mind, entails tossing all of the weird money into the sea. The insight missions must also be performed in their entirety, in addition to the presents. The times don't matter, but they all have to be beaten.

To Be Sure, I Double-Checked If you're hesitant to restart every task due to the game's length, head to White's Room and read his notebook. Each companion's insight rank is calculated in it.

Choosing The Life Book While the Book of Death's conclusion isn't necessarily "poor," it does leave a lot to be desired. There are a lot of loose ends. Green will be consigned to hell by White's hand in this finale,

Green is forgiven and enters heaven once his name is written in the Book of Life. Some may argue that this isn't the ending they want based on Green's actions, but life is better for White and his companions as well.