Mike from Hulu is eager to present the athlete in what has been dubbed "an unauthorized and no-holds-barred" drama.

Mike Tyson, one of the world's finest heavyweight fighters, is ready to have his life dramatized on television.

Tyson is known for his ferocious boxing technique, his face tattoo, and his distinct voice, but Hulu's Mike is eager to show the athlete in "an unauthorized and no-holds-barred" drama.

Since his 1985 debut, the boxer has been a popular figure. At 20, "Iron Mike" became boxing's youngest heavyweight champion.

The perfect actor for the position is needed to tell Tyson's narrative, and the streaming platform has released the first look at the guy who will play the former heavyweight champion.

On Wednesday, June 8, Hulu debuted a trailer for Mike, which featured Trevante Rhodes in the title character.

Rhodes is most recognized for playing a young African-American guy battling with his identity and sexuality in Barry Jenkins' Oscar-winning picture Moonlight.

He played an FBI agent who followed Billie Holiday's every move in The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

 Tonya screenwriter Steven Rogers, who is also an executive producer on the project, devised the Hulu limited series, and its aforementioned reference to being "unauthorized" surely rings true.

In a since-deleted February 2021 comment, Tyson blasted Hulu's biography, writing, "Hulu's announcement to do an unlicensed mini-series of the Tyson tale without remuneration isn't shocking."

"How Hulu's corporate greed led to this tone-deaf cultural misuse of the Tyson life story is exemplified by this announcement, which comes on the heels of social inequities in our country.

"After all that happened in 2020, Hollywood needs to be more sensitive to black experiences." The official Mike Tyson tale is in the works and will be announced in the coming days."

Within a few weeks of this declaration, the "actual" approved biopic, Tyson, featuring Jamie Foxx in the lead role, was revealed.

The series has Tyson's full support and will be directed by Antoine Fuqua, with Foxx and Martin Scorsese serving as executive producers.

Tyson stated of the project in a statement to Deadline at the time, "I have been looking to convey my narrative for quite some time...

"I'm eager to collaborate with Martin, Antoine, Jamie, and the rest of the creative team to share my professional and personal experience with audiences."