If this iPhone 14 rumour is true, selfies could change forever

If this iPhone 14 rumour is true, selfies could change forever

As the iPhone 14's release date approaches, we're hearing more and more rumors and leaks about what the phone might have. And the most recent suggestion might be a game changer for anyone

who regularly takes selfies (so almost anyone). According to one tech analyst, the selfie camera, also known as the front-facing camera, may be getting autofocus and an additional lens element.

iPhones have been steadily improving in terms of photography, which is why they consistently rank near the top of our lists of the best camera phones and best smartphones. However, 

the substantial updates are usually reserved for the sophisticated rear-camera arrays – Apple hasn't updated much about the selfie camera since the iPhone 11

so some attention in this area is long overdue. It also offers another tantalizing possibility to the various rumors regarding the iPhone 14 that have already surfaced.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a tech analyst, made the most recent prediction on Medium(opens in new tab). Apple has made no formal statements on what will or will not be included in the iPhone 14.

While this report, like all rumours, should be taken with a grain of salt, Kuo has a track record of making correct Apple forecasts.

Selfie camera lenses are often fixed focus rather than autofocus, which means they represent everything in the picture as sharply as possible. 

An autofocus system would be able to pick out specific subjects in a frame to be the only focal point,

basically replicating what Portrait Mode does with software in real life and resulting in a higher-quality photograph.