iOS 16: All the iPhone Features We Didn't Get at WWDC 2022

by sara from  someonefromuniverse

Apple's iOS 16, which debuted Monday at WWDC 2022 as a developer beta, brings a lot of changes to the iPhone

But despite numerous upcoming features, there are several things that we see on other Apple products and Android phones that don't appear to be coming to iOS

I don't mean to discount the good highlights, like the new customizable lock screens, the ability to edit and unsend iMessage texts and the Apple Maps makeover

among many others. But a few of these features that the iPhone still doesn't include aren't new at all and are pretty easy to find when you look just beyond the devices that Apple makes.

What We Wanted: Always-on display What We Got: It might be in the code

Many Android phones have included an always-on display over the past decade, which takes advantage of OLED screens by only lighting up the necessary pixels to show glanceable information like the time and some notifications

Even though Apple has been using OLED screens since 2017's iPhone X, there hasn't yet been implementation of this type of lock screen in iOS.

That could change though as according to a 9to5Mac report, the operating system makes multiple references to an always-on display within its code. 

While a code reference is far from any kind of confirmation that the feature is in active development, it's possible that Apple is considering the feature in a future device.

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