Diablo Immortal hate doesn't stop it raking in $24M in two weeks

Diablo Immortal hate doesn't stop it raking in $24M in two weeks

In the two weeks since its release, Diablo Immortal's microtransactions have already raked in $24 million from users.

Activision Despite a lot of anger over its microtransactions, Blizzard's latest excursion into mobile games is performing extremely well. 

Diablo Immortal has been chastised for a number of systems that force players to spend money in order to make any progress. In the free-to-play game, for example, maxing up your character will set you back $100,000.

The news doesn't seem to have deterred anyone, as the game has racked up five million downloads and $24 million in microtransactions.

PCGamesN obtained the data from the tracking website AppMagic.ARPGARPG

Immoral Diablo The US and South Korean players divided the majority of the revenue, with 44 percent and 22 percent respectively. It's a different story if it'll be able to keep this momentum going.

Diablo Immortal has been chastised for its 'predatory' microtransactions, earning it a 0.4 Metacritic user score. There are numerous complaints on the subreddit,

and they aren't all related to money. The absence of a roadmap or relevant developer updates, as well as the difficulty in locating players to take on a dungeon alongside, are both annoyances.

The hidden caps that restrict unfettered grinding aren't getting a lot of love either. Free-to-play games need to make money in some way,

but driving gamers down a play-to-win road isn't the way to do it. Furthermore, even if we remove the microtransaction aspect of the game, it appears to have a lot of flaws.