Coldplay's is using fans’ energy act is fueled by the excitement and dance motions of their audience.

The band claims that kinetic flooring and stationary cycles are being used to help power parts of their "Music of the Spheres" world tour.

Many musicians get fired up by the enthusiasm of the crowd, but Coldplay takes it a step further by practically harnessing the energy of their fans to help power their shows.

The British band has designed means for fans to generate power during their "Music of the Spheres" globe tour.

For starters, they've installed kinetic flooring, which generate energy to power elements of the show whenever fans dance or bounce up and down on them.

Fans can also help the environment by using an exercise bike in the stadium to generate green energy.

It's all part of Coldplay's ambition to cut CO2 emissions by half compared to their previous tour, which took place five years ago.

Frontman Chris Martin, 45, says the band realized they couldn't wait for someone else to take the lead if they wanted to lessen the carbon footprint of their gigs.

"We grew up thinking 'They'll take care of it,'" he remarked on TODAY. In the end, you realize that "them" is you."

"So, rather than pointing fingers at this or that corporation, we decided to focus on changing what we can inside our own domain."

The shows of Coldplay are full of environmentally friendly features, such as reusable metal cups that can be refilled from water stations that take moisture from the air.