5 Diablo Immortal alternatives that aren't pay-to-win

5 Diablo Immortal alternatives that aren't pay-to-win

Diablo Immortal received mixed reviews in 2022. While we commended its intriguing gameplay and good controls,

 its relentless monetization has turned off many. Its pay-to-win mechanics make it unfair to non-paying players.

Diablo Immortal is just one Android ARPG. We've listed the top premium options that aren't pay-to-win. 

They all have gameplay elements similar to Diablo Immortal, 

thus ARPG aficionados should enjoy them. Diablo Immortal is described in our hands-on review. ARPGARPG

AnimA offers the most Diablo Immortal-like experience. Pascal's Wager's Soulsborn-like mechanisms are more demanding.

AnimA challenges you to explore the entire map and plan carefully for each boss.

-AnimA ARPG -Titan Quest: Legendary Edition -Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

-Pascal's Wager -Almora Darkosen -

We recommend these games to Diablo Immortal players. Since they're in the same genre, you'll probably like one. Try one of the finest Android RPGs if you want a different experience.