Viral video of China’s driving license test stuns internet

While clearing a driving license is not an easy job in any country, often we have come across posts that claim that Japan and Finland are the most difficult countries to crack driving tests. Even the United Arab Emirates is counted among one of the most difficult nations to undertake a test for the license and on the other hand, being a driver in this Middle East country is considered one of the highest-paying employment. However, you must be wondering, why all of a sudden we are talking about driver and driving tests. Well, this is after the internet brought forth a video of China’s driving test, which has left users stunned. While the video only consists of one stage, it will truly take you back with the level of expertise it requires. While chances are really high that you might feel dizzy only after watching the video, taking the test is near to impossible.

The now-viral video was shared by an author named Tansu Yegen, on his official Twitter account, with the caption, “Driver license exam station in China.” In the video, one path is created with outlines and includes several obstacles. From parking to making an eight, while the path includes it all, you cannot touch or go out of the outline of the path.

The video opens by showing a white car standing on a path made of white paint. Thinking the path to be straight, would be the biggest mistake of your life. The video, which looks nothing less than a course straight out of the much-loved racing game Asphalt 8, shows the car initially starting with the zig-zag track. Then the test demands the driver park the car in reverse. The moment the driver parks the car in reverse, one man, from the group of five standing next to the car can be seen coming to the other side to check if the driver touched any outline.

After getting a green signal from the man, the driver moves ahead to make an eight. Then the driver has to put the car in reverse, for a longer path, which also includes going up a track, and then coming down. Lastly, the driver has to park his vehicle on each of his sides. Now the video has sparked a meme fest in the comments section. While many lauded the driving skills of the driver in the video, several shared videos of other drivers, leaving the users in shock. Some people brought clips from different countries.

So far the video has been played more than 6 million times and has garnered over 132,000 likes.

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