यूनिवर्स से कोई:

From one of the enigmatic to the most grim feelings, you will get it all here, altogether.

Oye hoye! aagaye tum sab. Kya hua, vo nahi aayi. Koi baat nahi aajayegi kyonki

mandir yaheen banega!

you like yellow? I love Young Yellow.

coz she’s Young Yellow.

a girl from Spain, a boy from Assam.

We are Someone from Universe”


We met in corridors and we left in corridors. Pehli baar dekha h yaar aisa, ajnabi na ajnabi ke jaisa. Our eyes met in lunch times. On our ways crossing, you hit me every time. I never wished but I knew this very fine, that I was already falling for you.

To me, what you want is more important than what I want.

That’s why,

I don’t talk to you, even though, I badly want to.

She is one of we.

The origin of the only Space Writer® takes place in the past where he meets “a girl from Spain“®. He is ‘Someone From Universe‘™ and his life has been a poetry since he met the girl. His salient words put fire over the frozen ocean of our only hearts. Let’s hear him about his life aka poetry…

A poem is hard to write, the words never come out right

And once the rhyme is found no words with that sound spring up to your mind. “

phir gaya saale ka!

kuch bhi bolta h re...

sensations are magic.

And when we touched elbows.

Feel it!

As told, that time was all I had. Sitting next to each other, amidst those serious thought processes going on in our minds to write answers in our pre-board papers, we encouraged ourselves for some exciting affairs, we touched elbows.

I felt it.

‘HRish’ times ‘aaab’ gives you a *psyche*


Kya haal bidu! Sab raapchiklo…

A deadly accident I faced to see her.

I went weeping through it!

I believe, everything in this world has a price in some form and you never know how much you would have to pay to get what you want.

Me too! I couldn’t think of how much would I have to go through to get what I wanted and you can guess what I really wanted; I WANTED TO SEE HER ‘SMILE‘ OR ‘SEE HER SMILING.‘ Wanna know how I’m feeling always in life- this photo( below there), that’s how I always feel everytime thinking of you not just because I love you but because I LIKE YOU!



I mean, she is the East of easts and me- the West of wests. It really is challenging for me to know about her flaws, her health, her timings and her activities. But I need not to worry coz’ The Wind keeps me out of the dump. SURPRISED? Yeah, you should be…

“No part time; no half time, I am all time yours”.

HRishabh Hu Mẽin

Then, my insides moved.

“You learn to love so you’ll learn to lose.”

Ok, fine! I wrote it now! So what? 

I love her even now! The moment I’m writing this, I’m breathing and I love her, too. The moment I was thinking of writing the former line, I’m loving her.

OH MY! Everything altogether!

It’s been a habit to multi-task for me since this over-whelming and scary incident found a place in my lulling life. I’m not gonna let myself go through this alone, so here…


She is the brightest. He is the darkest. Together, they are the darkest bright.
Mona Darling Chinese Thi!~ Dr. Shubham Dhaka.

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know that I love her more.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Maya Angelou.

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