Transformer Table Is Breaking the Internet!

One simple video showing Transformer Table’s innovative extendable dining table & bench set is taking the world by storm after amassing a whooping 250M views combined across social media, and now North Americans can get these pieces delivered to their home.

MONTREAL, Sep 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Transformer Table, a modular furniture company based in Canada, makes home furnishings that are more than meets the eye. In mid-September, Instagram creator Rasha Abdel Reda (@mynameisrasha) posted a seemingly simple video showcasing her expandable dining table & bench, and the internet couldn’t get enough. In a matter of days, this social media sensation was viewed by over 110M people and shared across the world by various other accounts, combining to a whooping 250M views across platforms. To put that into perspective, a Superbowl commercial typically gets 106M views and it costs $6.5M for just 30 seconds*. On the other hand, the Convert video table was shot on iPhone in Rasha’s dining room, costing virtually nothing to create, and is worth an impressive 10.9M$ in media value!

Transformer Table Viral Video with over 114M views! (CNW Group/Transformer Table)

How did such a straightforward video go so viral? The answer is in the actual furniture piece that was revealed. This company makes furniture like none other – their signature product, the Transformer Table, is a 100% solid hardwood expandable table that starts off as small as just 18″ and can effortlessly grow all the way up to 10ft long in seconds. It isn’ t for nothing that they are one of the fastest-growing furniture companies in the world right now, and this is just another piece of the puzzle to their success story.

It’s easy to see why everyone is talking about this innovative furniture – no matter how much space you have at your disposal, or lack thereof, Transformer Table strives to offer unique multifunctional pieces that can thrive in any space. #EatTogether like space is no issue!

Visit the Transform Table website to discover their extraordinary modular furniture. They offer free shipping all over North America and to 30+ other countries.




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