[TGS 2022] Resident Evil Village VR Preview – Going Face-to-Face With Lady Dimitrescu Was Everything You Dreamt Of

Over at Tokyo Game Show 2022, we had the opportunity to check out the demo preview for Resident Evil Village VR and I gotta say, it’s wonderful.

The demo preview for Resident Evil Village VR let’s us play through the start of the Lady Dimitrescu chapter where you get dragged around by the daughters. Thankfully I was able to meet Lady Dimitrescu and I was taken back to the sheer height difference between Lady Dimitrescu and I. While I was staring at her, respectfully of course, it was unfortunately cut short by being chased by one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters and fending off against some Lycans.

Resident Evil Village VR comes with what you want in a VR game, you can essentially dual wield the knife and gun. You even get to throw knives at the enemies since I was surprisingly good at, considering the fact at how many times I’ve managed to thrown a completely winnable game of Dota 2.

Reloading your gun is very technical since you have to manually eject the magazine and then load in a new one as well as cocking the gun. I got to admit, it’s both immersive and stressful at the same time but in an exciting way since it really makes you feel the tension of being put into action.

One thing that I really appreciated in the demo is the fact of how good everyone looks. It really felt like the characters get in your face more as a result of it being VR, and the developers accounted for that aspect by touching up everyone’s faces as well as animations to look more clean up close.

One of the examples being with the scene where they hook you and drag you to Lady Dimitrescu’s room, which was already great in the regular release but in VR, you suddenly notice the neat little details here and there of the furniture, which is really cool . It really feels like all the appeal of the Ethan games have been turned up to the max and it also definitely feels way spookier since just one lycan is already a handful.

Addition PSVR 2 Opinions

Playing through the Resident Evil Village VR demo preview, I got to try out the PSVR2 headset and I have to admit, the eye tracking is really good. Although, you do need to fiddle around with the headset initially so that they can find your eyes.

Having the face buttons be split into the left and right side of the controller also feels really natural too. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be but I really liked it since each of my thumbs were doing less work.

My one minor gripe about it is that if the headset isn’t calibrated properly, you can accidentally crush your nose with the forehead and make it hard to breathe, but that might’ve just been because of my hair which makes it hard for anything to stay on.

All in all, I had a wonderful time trying out the VR preview of Resident Evil Village VR and I am definitely looking forward to the official release of it.

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