Street Fighter 6 beta on PlayStation 5 randomly becomes playable again

The closed beta for Street Fighter 6 officially came to a close a few weeks ago, but did it really?

Players are currently reporting that the beta client for SF6 is live and playable again on the PlayStation 5.

While we don’t have a PS5 beta to test for ourselves, other community members like Alex Jebailey and Rooflemonger are sharing footage of life back inside the Battle Hub.

It’s unknown how long the servers will remain available although they appear to have been online for at least 3 hours already since 9:30 am PT.

Things aren’t as stable as the actual beta either, considering we’re seeing reports of longer load times and players getting hit with error messages multiple times before making it into a successful match too.

We’re also seeing some reports that beta testers who didn’t update their client on Steam are also able to log into the servers, but we haven’t been able to verify that at this time.

We’ve yet to see confirmation of Xbox Series X|S players getting back into SF6, however.

With this likely being a simple test of the servers / potential updates, players are liable to be booted back out at any given time — perhaps even by the time you’re reading this story.

The fact that the servers are back up at all does suggest at least that Capcom is planning to run at least one more beta before SF6 releases next year although they’ve yet to announce any plans for such.

Story is developing…

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