Sony Releases Video Showing Original PlayStation Running on 35-Foot TV

sony releases a video showing an original PlayStation running on a 35-foot TV. There is certainly something to be said for a classic Sony PS1 being used on a movie theater-sized TV, which can invoke feelings of nostalgia and enticement for fans who may imagine playing their favorites on such a screen.

Sony has recently been making the push for adapting its video games to the big screen, which includes the recently released Uncharted movie, the upcoming Gran Turismotea Ghost of Tsushima film, and even The Last of Us series airing soon on HBOMax. PlayStation Studios is clearly branching out to other mediums of entertainment to capture a wider audience, but that does not mean that Sony has forgotten its roots regarding the PS1.


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The official Twitter page for Sony posted a video that showcases someone turning on a PS1, but then the camera pans out to reveal the console booting up on a 35-foot TV. The auditorium-like environment with stage lights scattered on the ceiling may remind people of a movie theater. Most notably, however, is the nostalgic sound of the PS1 bootup screen that can be heard booming through the sound system of the massive TV. The classic melodic chimes and bass may encourage players to bring out their own PS1s, and with it being Halloween month, boot up their favorite low polygon horror games, such as silent Hill gold resident Evilespecially with the recent resurgence of PS1-era indie-horror games.

The PS1 seems to look quite good on the 35-foot TV, given the crisp-looking title screen. In comparison, this was an issue when it came to the New Nintendo 3DS XL, as the image quality was noticeably more pixilated than on the New Nintendo 3DS because of the pixel density having to accommodate a slightly bigger screen. However, with more 3DS and WiiU features disabled, Nintendo seems to be leaving those consoles behind.

Fans have responded to the video by acknowledging the nostalgia while pointing out some of their favorite PS1 games, and even one user suggested that sony could implement the classic boot-up screen into the PS5. For fans that may only want to experience the PS1 aesthetically, rather than the games that accommodate it, there is an edit that shows the PS5 controller with a classic PS1 makeover. Regardless of when players started their gaming journey, it is nostalgic to see such an iconic console boot up on a movie theater-sized screen.

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