Sony Ditches PlayStation Plus Feature

Sony appears to have made quite a big change to its PlayStation Plus subscription service, removing an informative feature from it.

Sony appears to have removed expiration dates from its Playstation Plus lineup, giving fans next to no indication of how long they have left to play a given title. As the subscription service for Sony console owners, PlayStation Plus comes with a bunch of benefits for those paying their monthly fee. This year, new tiers were included in the PlayStation Plus subscription, giving players access to Extra and Premium, which, among other things, added a massive roster of titles to be streamed and played.


Like Xbox Game Pass, new titles are added to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium every so often, with major releases such as death loop, Stray, and GTA Vice City: Definitive Editing being available. However, just as some popular games are added to the PS Plus Extra and Premium library every so often, other titles are also removed from the service. To ensure subscribers played a game before it was removed, previously gamers could check the expiry date to see when these titles would leave.

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Now, it seems that Sony has removed the ability to see exactly when a game is leaving PS Plus Extra or Premium. As pointed out by the PS Play Twitter account, games no longer inform players when they will be removed from the service, dropping a significant piece of information for many. The “Last Chance to Play” tab is still available to see, but if a gamer clicks on a game within that tab, they won’t see when exactly it leaves the service, which will likely lead to some confusion down the line.

While the games included in the PlayStation Plus Essential tier stick around for a month before they are removed, there’s no set pattern for when titles are dropped from Extra and Premium. The games in Extra and Premium don’t stay in a gamers’ library once they’ve been removed like they do in the Essential tier, and are only playable while available via the service. The Japanese PlayStation Blog still lists the expiration dates for some games, and informs gamers that they’ll be able to play GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition until February 20, 2023, but unless this change is reversed, future additions to the service will stick around for an unknown amount of time.

This change might not matter for those who play games as soon as they join the Extra and Premium libraries, but for the gamers that usually wait a while before getting round to playing those titles, it might be concerning to see they won’t know when certain releases are removed. Recently, PlayStation Plus removed the original Red Dead Redemption from its subscription service, essentially making that game unplayable on PS4 and PS5.

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