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Innovation: offering companies 5,000 selected and verified providers offering around sixty services, in particular for marketing, web development and customer relationship management (CRM).

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Karim Benessaieh

Karim Benessaieh

Who ?

In May 2017, four young Montrealers from diverse backgrounds, who had in common, above all, having founded companies and obtained a Qualité Étudiants franchise that offers painting or window cleaning services, decided to found what was called the B2BQuotes era. The inspiration actually comes from one of them, Michel Jodoin, who had been CEO of Soumission Rénovation since 2013. Instead of offering quotes for renovations, we decided to offer an equivalent service to companies. Mathieu Plante became CEO, Jeff Carrier Director of Service Providers, and Francis Desrochers later COO. Michel Jodoin is now involved part-time.

In 2021, we are changing the angle of attack: instead of just being a provider of providers, we want to better support client companies by favoring partnerships. B2BQuotes becomes helloDarwin and today has a dozen employees in its offices on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, neighbors, in addition, to Soumission Rénovation, still run by Mr. Jodoin.

The product

The helloDarwin company has built over the years a catalog of 5,000 companies that offers around sixty services in nine areas, from marketing strategy to web application design, through telecommunications, web marketing and operation tracking software. . Each supplier has its file with its precise specialization, its evaluations, the validity of its registration, its price list and its availability. From the lot, we discard about fifty a year for various reasons.

Every month, around 500 clients contact helloDarwin for projects with an average value of around $15,000. helloDarwin advisors refine these projects and retain about half of them. In 48 hours, we promise, the client contacts three suppliers who agree to pay between 2 and 3% of the contract amount for this opportunity to meet us. Clients, like suppliers, stand out for their professionalism and the rigor of their operations.



matthew plant

It is not a formula where the provider sends a quote, and that’s it. Customers do not choose according to price, but according to the best fit.

Mathieu Plante, CEO of helloDarwin

The criteria vary according to the size of the providers and the cost of the contracts offered, he says. “We are inclusive. We have lg2, but we also have self-employed, and then there is the customer feedback. »

The challenges

The three companions demonstrate this with their liveliness during the interview with Press : There is no shortage of development projects. Prioritizing them is a big challenge, Mr. Plante believes. “We have limited resources. You have to figure out how to always be in the right priority, when you have to know how to get the record out. »

Although algorithms are used to some extent to match suppliers and customers, most of helloDarwin’s reputation is based on very human interactions. The need for impeccable customer service is unavoidable, explains Francis Desrochers. “If you look at our ratings, it’s 5 stars. We really differentiate ourselves by being a placement service. When there are errors, the response time is fast and they are done by humans. »

The future

helloDarwin wants to go further in the projects of its clients, before and after their presentation. “We want to be able to get into project planning, that’s the stage we want to help consolidate,” explains Mr. Desrochers.

Subsequently, it is the management of the relationship between the supplier and the client that is in the spotlight.



Francis Desrochers, Mathieu Plante, and Jeff Carrier

If the coupling is essentially based on the supplier’s experience and the nature of the project, the company “wants to go further and take into account the values ​​of the companies”, continues the director of operations. Inclusion, environmental awareness, the place of women in company management can become criteria for a successful association. “It’s something that’s in high demand,” says Jeff Carrier. We do it manually, we would like to do it even more. »

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