Shuhei Yoshida selects best PlayStation Plus Premium Classics games

Shuhei Yoshida, former Sony Interactive Entertainment President, has released a list of ten games from the PlayStation Plus Premium Classics catalog that he thinks every gamer must try. His list cuts across every era of PlayStation, including its earliest days, as well as multiple genres.

Yoshida is one of the pioneers of the PlayStation console with inside knowledge of numerous games.

Shuhei Yoshida selects best PlayStation Plus Premium Classics games

Yoshida notes he handpicked the titles based on his personal history and confirmed there are other excellent games in the classics catalog.

Yoshida’s first pick is Jumping Flash!. The 3D platformer came out in 1995 and is unique as it features a first-person perspective. As one of the first titles created for the PlayStation, the game also offered a glimpse into the future of 3D gaming. According to Yoshida, Jumping Flash! “is a game that represents the early days of the PlayStation, and is still a fun game to play today.”

The next game on Yoshida’s list is Tekken 2. While the game was originally an arcade game, it was ported to the PlayStation in 1996. However, it was not an easy undertaking, according to Yoshida. Initially, developers didn’t believe in the potential of 3D graphics. Thankfully, the console manufacturer found a way to port the popular arcade games at the time, including Tekken 2.

Yoshida’s third classic games pick is Ape Escape, which became available to play in 1999. It was the first PlayStation-exclusive title to require the use of a dual joystick controller. After Ape Escape, Yoshida’s next recommendation is Jak II: Renegade, a game that was developed for the PlayStation 2.

Classic PlayStation titles are available as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium service.

The fifth game on Yoshida’s list is the PSP game Echochrome. Released in 2008, the puzzle game uses optical illusions in its gameplay. According to Yoshida, “It’s a very impactful title, like art turned into a game.” Yoshida’s sixth recommendation is another PSP game titled No Heroes Allowed! Released in 2010, No Heroes Allowed! is a management sim with a fantasy theme.

Yoshida next recommends the PlayStation 3 game, Siren Blood Curse. This is a reimagining of the horror video game, Siren, which was originally developed for the PlayStation 2. His next classic title is the 2011 PlayStation 3 re-release of the 2001 PlayStation 2 game Ico. The game is the first directed work of Fumito Ueda, the brains behind The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus.

Yoshida’s final recommendations are Tokyo Jungle and Rain. Both games are PS3 titles with the former released in 2012 and the latter released a year later. According to Yoshida, Tokyo Jungle symbolizes the PlayStation 3 era and he urged gamers to play it. On Rain, Yoshida is admitting that he was initially skeptical about whether the game would fly after he heard the concept. He stated that he was happy everything worked out fine and the game turned out fun to play.

Yoshida is one of the most influential people in PlayStation history having been one of the console’s pioneers. Yoshida became a Sony Corporation employee in 1986 and eventually rose to head Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, a position he held from May 2008 till November 2019. At the moment, Yoshida is the head of PlayStation Indies, an initiative that supports external independent game developers .

While there are numerous titles in the PlayStation Plus Premium classic catalog, Yoshida’s list is a good place to start.

Speaking of the PS Plus, Sony continues to lose millions of PlayStation Plus subscribers. But, the revenue has gone up despite the dip in subscriber count. Also, Sony has confirmed the company has already sold 25 million units of the PS5.

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