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EW Scripps has announced it will rebrand its Newsy offering under a new name come Jan. 1, 2023.

Newsy is currently offered as a free, over-the-air offering nationwide, often piggybacking onto a digital subchannel of a station and plans call for the content to remain largely same, but under the name Scripps News.

“In the creation of Scripps News, we are leveraging the company’s collective resources and building upon the equity of the Scripps name and stellar reputation for journalism,” Scripps president and CEO Adam Symson said in a statement. “The American people need greater access to free, quality local and national journalism produced by a company committed to fact-based news and information.”

As part of the change, Newsy will drop the logo it introduced in September 2021 when it moved from a streaming model to over-the-air one.

At the time, the look became predominantly gray and violet with a highly angular look that featured an icon made of four arrows that formed the outline of an “N” in its negative space. About a month later, media monitoring company Nielsen unveiled a new look that had a similar shape.

For its new logo, Scripps News appears to have attempted to keep some connection to the Newsy look — relying on a blue that arguably has hints of violet.

The “N” icon has been replaced with a rendition of the company’s longtime lighthouse logo that uses two of the light beams to form the suggestion of the letter formed with two triangles — a look that has some similarities to the trapezoidal “N” NBC used in the 1970s.


The font from the 2021 Newsy redesign has remained in place as well, though the design could always change as the relaunch nears.

Scripps has not announced detailed plans for specific programming, so it’s not clear what offerings will remain in place after the new year. It currently offers 24 hours of programming, including its signature “Newsy Tonight” at 8 pm eastern.

Newsy first launched in 2008 in Missouri. Its initial aim was to record multiple news outlets every day and then edit down different views and perspectives from them into short clips. This model relates to student workers from the nearby Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri.

Scripps bought the venture in 2014 and it eventually morphed into a more traditional news offering, one of several offerings that have been started in recent years in attempt to upset the cable news market dominated by CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

Scripps will continue to operate Court TV under the direction of Kate O’Brian, which will also oversee Scripps News.

The Scripps version of Court TV was announced in 2018 after the company’s Katz Broadcasting division acquired the intellectual property and archive of the original Court TV network from Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. It too is frequently offered on subchannels in various markets throughout the country.

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