Scariest PlayStation Exclusive Games

PlayStation has to be one of the parental figures of the survival horror genre because of how many innovations the games that were originally exclusive on the platform caused. The survival horror genre was different with many games still having aspects that can be found in modern-day games like looking for materials but include very different mechanics.

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PlayStation made it so that survival horror games have better controls and three-dimensional fixed angles. It also made it so that the player could fight enemies but how they did so make it so that the player’s life was always on the line. This created some of the scariest games in the PlayStation genre.


10/10 Kuon

Kuon is a fixed-angle survival horror game that was a PlayStation 2 exclusive developed by FROMSOFT. The game is super creepy which players will see as soon as the game starts up, and they are given a blinking title screen in the theme of traditional Japanese art. The fixed angles are further played upon by the game adding creepy moments where the player will see something standing in one of the angles with it to then disappear.

Kuon’s scares are good when they aren’t anticipated, but the enemy design can feel boring once the player starts to notice how many enemies resemble one another.

9/10 Rule Of Rose

Rule of Rose tells an odd story of an unlucky orphan named Jennifer. Jennifer ends up on an airship where she must appease orphan girls by bringing them offerings. The gameplay has the survival horror tropes of the time with various puzzles that players will need to figure out and slow movement speed.

The enemies like the children with no noses, a giant toothless mouth, and two holes where their eyes should be are sinister to look at. The enemy design begins to lose its shine when the combat starts to make the player helpless instead of merely giving off the impression that the player is helpless.

8/10 Demon Souls

Demon Souls has areas that are a lot more frightening than others such as a tower prison-looking area that has mind flayers holding lanterns looking to catch the player if they make one wrong move. Other areas are a lot brighter and less frightening though the combat is enough to make the fear more about survivability.

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Demon Souls takes on a lot of horrific themes. If a player delves deep enough into the story, they’ll find a fear that solidifies itself in the existential dread brought forth by the religious customs of certain classes of characters and obstacles that the story places in front of the player.

7/10 Echo Night: Beyond

Echo Night: Beyond is a survival horror game that is set in space. The game is about a spaceman, Richard, trying to go to a moon base to get married to his fiancĂ© and have their honeymoon. Everything is stopped when the ship taking them there crashes and the main character’s fiancĂ© goes missing.

On top of this story, the player has to find ways to navigate around ghosts because certain ghosts will try to capture and kill Richard while he searches for items to unlock new areas.

6/10 Bloodborne

Bloodborne came out as a PlayStation 4 exclusive that took a lot of the mechanics from the Souls series and added its own twist on things like faster combat. The game was set in a much darker universe that was surrounded by cosmic horror. There are giant tentacled beings to be found, countless abandoned cathedrals, and city streets riddled with monsters.

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Every enemy in the game especially some bosses like Ludwig, the Accursed appear as horrendous beasts. It’s not chock-full of horror tropes but rather plays on them with its colorfully dull but thematically vibrant setting.

5/10 Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is a game that first began as a horror novel then turned into a movie, and then finally evolved into a game that’s actually a sequel to its previous source materials. The video game is a mix of survival horror and an RPG which makes for creepy gameplay that also feels quick and fun.

Players will go into random encounters where enemies spawn around the player and the main character, Aya, must take them out. She can attack then has to wait for her attack to recharge but can move to dodge attacks before her next attack is ready to be used again. It’s a formula that works and moves forward from the turn-based alternative.

4/10 The Last Of Us

The Last of Us tells one of the most beautiful stories in gaming while keeping the players on edge through the use of one of the infected which is one of the game’s primary antagonists. Among the infected enemy types, some are called Clickers and they are blind but have great hearing. Players will have to go through areas where silence and learning to strategically move around a large group of Clickers is key.

Tense moments surround the game as the man versus man aspect comes in heavy as well and shows the player that post-apocalyptic settings can turn everyone into a bit of a monster.

3/10 OverBlood

OverBlood is considered the first survival horror game to make use of a fully three-dimensional virtual environment. OverBlood took the Resident Evil format and tried to make something that was new in the survival horror genre rather than just copying it like many other games tried to do at the time.

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The game adds some platforming elements and the game feels a lot like a body horror film with a lot of the enemies looking like rotting corpses. The game focuses more on creating tension in different rooms with different movement-based puzzles.

2/10 Siren: Blood Curse

Siren: Blood Curse starts off with the player getting shot at by a police officer and no explanation giving the player the feeling of immediate tension. The cop will continue to chase the player and cause the player to be forced into learning the game’s mechanics or face death. As the cop gets nearer the player will then see that the cop is like a sentient undead monster.

The game implements combat in a way that causes the player to feel like they have an advantage over the enemy only when they deserve it. To kill the enemies players need weapons as their fists will only be able to ward the enemies off for a short while.

1/10 resident Evil

Resident Evil is one of the most expensive games to have ever been sold at auction. This makes a lot of sense as the game revolutionized the survival horror genre and started a craze that made everyone and their mothers want to make survival horror games too. Even Nintendo started creating survival horror games after this masterpiece dropped.

The haunting atmosphere of a zombie-infected house along with the strategical gameplay made the style of play one that a lot of people were interested in copying as nothing quite like it had been done to its caliber. The zombie encounters are not as terrifying as when the game first launched, but they still hold up in adding anxiety to many of the game’s monster encounters.

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