Russell Wilson describes ridiculous in-flight workout, Internet mocks him

For the second time in two weeks star Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is going viral because of a jet. Last week he said, ‘here comes an airplane’ when feeding a sandwich to himself in a Subway commercial and this time around Wilson’s extensive calisthenics during Denver’s eight-hour flight has the internet in a tizzy.

The Broncos landed in London, practicing overseas on Wednesday ahead of their international match against the Jaguars. Wilson, who sat last week because of a hamstring injury, has barely rested as he’s worked to get healthy. In 2021, Wilson famously worked 19 hours a day to rehab a finger injury. But that’ll be his second-most iconic recovery because of his four straight hours of high knees during Tuesday night’s flight.

Wilson broke down his flight routine as such:

  • Two hours watching movie
  • Four hours receiving treatment and walking up and down the aisles doing high-knee kicks
  • one hour sleeping
  • One hour watching movie

“Everybody was knocked out, and I was doing high knees working on the legs and everything else, making sure I was ready to rock,” Wilson said.

Head coach Nathaniel Hackett added that Wilson did “quite a bit” of work as the Broncos began their preparations for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But this is not normal, nor does it seem that courteous to his teammates who were undoubtedly trying to sleep.

But Maybe Wilson was just pumped up about flying? The quarterback has a deal with Alaska Airlines and is very vocal about his love of jets.


I don’t dance, I fly 🤣. @Alaska Airlines over here getting me out of my comfort zone. #AlaskaAirCAREoke

♬ We Care a Lot – Faith No More

Anyway the internet is losing it about ‘the most obnoxious plane passenger you’ll ever meet.’

Wilson should be good to go against the Jags.

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