Pnevmo-Capsula is now on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

What type of game do you want for less than a fiver? How about an on-rails mail delivery system that takes you through a utopian atompunk world? That’s what you are getting in Pnevmo-Capsula.

Pnevmo-Capsula is an atompunk-styled puzzler that comes to market from the Sometimes You team, with creation by Pomeshkin Valentin Igorevich. Dip your toes into what is in place and you’ll find a pretty casual adventuring experience, onne in which you’ll take control of a tiny little cart intent on delivering mail.

On on-rails affair, Pnevmo-Capsula tasks you with making progress through its world, working a variety of gameplay mechanics in order to overcome the obstacles that lay ahead. Barriers, dead ends and the most intense of labyrinths will be waiting for you, as you attempt to make light work of the puzzles in hand.

Priced at a mere £4.19, there’s little chance that Pnevmo-Capsula is going to break the bank, and so if you’re looking for something swift, a quick evening hit, you could probably do worse. Just be aware that with the game releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, a host of different varieties of the game are present on the usual digital stores. For us Xbox players, the Xbox Store holds the key to an Xbox One version of the game AND a separate Xbox Series X|S version. Make sure you purchase the best version for your console.

And if you want to know whether Pnevmo-Capsula is worthy of that low asking price, hit up our full review.


Solve puzzles to deliver mail in an utopian atompunk world. “Pnevmo-Capsula” is a casual adventure game. You will travel to an alternate utopian atompunk world as a small trolley delivering mail. Time seems to have stopped at the break of 1930-1960 years here. The city is connected by a single system of rails, tracks, and pipes. The smallest part of this bizarre system is the mechanical mail. The mail here is delivered by carts on small rails, and you will play the role of one of these carts. On the way towards the target, you will find obstacles, barriers, various puzzles, dead ends and labyrinths. As the player progresses, he will come across outlandish living spaces-puzzles: the “caretaker’s booth” on a power pole, made of sleepers; “Air platform” with houses at a height; “The artist’s hut”, fixed directly on the power line! With all the wildness of ideas, the player on an intuitive level will understand the purpose of the objects and their functionality.

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