PlayStation VR2 Final Product Will Be Much Lighter than the Dev Kit

A leaked manual for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 reveals that the final product will be surprisingly lighter than the headset’s dev kit. The PS VR2 virtual reality kit remains tentatively planned for release in the first half of 2023. For the post part, virtual reality enthusiasts assumed they already knew what they’d be getting with the PS VR2 in terms of hardware. A leaked manual did end up having some surprises, though, with the weight of the PS5 VR headset being just one example.


Despite the relative nearness of the PS VR2’s launch, the final product has yet to be shared around. The dev kit has made a variety of appearances, though, which is understandable given that VR developers need it to make and demo their games. That’s why it’s already known that the dev kit for the PS VR2 weighs around 630 grams or nearly 1.4 lbs. That’s not the heaviest of VR headsets, which can scale up as far as 1,000 grams or over 2.2 lbs, but it’s still a good amount of weight placed on people’s heads and necks.

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According to the leaked manual for the final version of the PS VR2, the new headset has cut weight. The headset is 70 grams lighter than the dev kit, settling at just 560 grams or just more than 1.2 lbs. While that may not seem like much, cutting more than 10% of the product’s weight is substantial and PS VR2 users will absolutely feel less stress on their head and neck as a result.

It’s unclear where the headset’s weight was cut. This information is coming from a manual, after all, and not from an analysis of the final version of the PS VR2 headset itself. It’s possible that Sony was able to have some redesigned components ready for the final product, or that it managed to remove some plastics used in the frame, or lighter materials were used in general.

Some PlayStation users may question whether there’s any value to this, and the answer is absolutely yes. Using a virtual reality headset is not without its risks. It’s not just the weight of a helmet-esque headset resting on a player’s head, it’s a large weight that shifts when the player moves their head. A German gamer reportedly even broke their neck moving their head too “intensely.” Even casual VR use can cause muscle strain over time, though.

Other details confirmed about the PlayStation VR2 from the manual include that it utilizes a USB-C “SuperSpeed ​​USB 10Gbps” connection to plug into the PS5, that it features vibration functionality not recommended for people with pacemakers, and that the Sense VR controllers are indeed included with the headset purchase. Fans can expect Sony to announce finalized details for the PS VR2 in the months to come.

Tea PlayStation VR2 launches in 2023.

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