PlayStation & Switch Teased In Strange Infomercial

A bizarre infomercial-like trailer reveals that PowerWash Simulator is bringing dirt-busting fun to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles.

The surprise hit PowerWash Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles, as revealed in a pseudo-infomercial that’s every bit as bizarre as the game itself. PowerWash Simulator’s premise is simple yet enticing: players operate a high-pressure water hose and spray dirt and grime off of houses, vehicles, and other everyday objects to earn money and build their power-washing business. Aside from the pure satisfaction of cleaning caked-on masses with ease, PowerWash Simulator offers clothing customization for the player’s in-game character, multiplayer and co-op gameplay, and time-limit challenges to spice up the average wash job.


PowerWash Simulator was first made available on Steam Early Access on May 19, then released in full for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on July 14. PowerWash Simulator was also added to Xbox Game Pass as a day-one title alongside the much dirtier and crime-filled Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami subseries in early July to bolster this launch. However, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation owners curious about PowerWash Simulator haven’t been able to try this deep-cleaning first-person simulation title for themselves – but that is about to change.

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As reported by Destructoida strange new trailer for PowerWash Simulator was recently posted to the Square Enix Collective YouTube channel, revealing that the dirt-busting puzzle sim is heading to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles later this year. This trailer plays out like a live-action TV infomercial, with an unusually cheerful spokesperson describing how PowerWash Simulator gives players the satisfaction of digital cleaning without the hassles of being tied up in tangled hoses, shocked with electricity, or sprayed with mud and dirty water. Instead, he sits his buddy Jerry Cleansburg down in front of PowerWash Simulator as footage of the game shows off the many houses, cars, and other objects players can cleanse from the comfort of their own living room. In the end, a blissful Jerry achieves”powerwash nirvana” as the ad ends with text stating that PowerWash Simulator is “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

PowerWash Simulator Is Bringing Good Clean Fun To Switch And PlayStation

Since its release on PC and Xbox consoles earlier this year, critics have praised the unusual first-person title for providing a sense of satisfaction with its digital cleaning gameplay in the vein of house pinball and Viscera Cleanup Detail. Some PowerWash Simulator players have even discovered hidden quirks and details while spraying down suburban fences and space rovers, like how PowerWash Simulator inexplicably crashes if the player looks directly at the sun.

While an exact date hasn’t been revealed yet, it won’t be long before PlayStation and Nintendo Switch owners can enjoy the simple satisfaction of PowerWash Simulatoras promised by the game’s strange new teaser that wouldn’t look out of place on a home shopping channel. PowerWash Simulator has provided PC and Xbox gamers with “powerwash nirvana“all summer long, and soon more would-be cleaners will be able to join in on the high-powered fun.

Source: Destructoid, Square Enix Collective/YouTube

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