PlayStation Stars: How To Sign up

The services that sony offers for its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players have improved significantly over the past year. Earlier this Summer, Sony released a greatly expanded version of PlayStaiton Plus that provided three tiers of subscriptions with new features like streaming older games and an entire catalog of hundreds of PS4 games available to download on demand.

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On top of that, Sony has officially released a rewards program for players to join. The rewards program is called PlayStation Starsand here is how players can sign up and take part of this brand-new feature and what rewards they can get.


Go To The Official PlayStation Website

On the main page of the official PlayStation store, there will be a tab for PlayStation Stars. When selecting that tab, there will be a button that players can click. There, players will see a bunch of information about PlayStation Stars and what it entails. Further down the page there are instructions on how to join PlayStation Stars.

If players already have a PSN (PlayStation Network) account, then they simply have to sign up for the program, and they will be ready to go on to the next step.

Install The App

The second step of setting up for PlayStation Stars is to install the PlayStation App on either Android or iOS devices. Unfortunately this is the only way that players can see what rewards and campaigns are currently available, as logging in to the page on a computer will just show players their current rank and how many points they have along with a QR code for downloading the app.

Once players have the App installed, they can sign in and see what campaigns and rewards are currently available in this new rewards program.

What Sort Of Rewards Are Available?

Players hoping for in-game rewards will be, at present, disappointed. What seems to be the intended attraction of PlayStation Stars is sets of collectibles that can be displayed in a virtual display case in the PlayStation App where other players can see it depending on privacy settings. Aside from collectibles, players can also obtain points by completing campaigns and purchasing games on the PlayStation Store. There will also be special campaigns for highly anticipated titles like God of War: Ragnarok.

Points can be used to purchase more digital collectibles to show off in the PlayStation App. Beyond that, players can also use points to purchase a small set of games from the PlayStation Store. Currently, the selection includes titles like Hades, Cult of the Lamband It Takes Two. It is unclear how often the offered games will be updated, if at all. Finally, points can be redeemed for PlayStation Store Wallet Credit which would allow players to use their points for whatever they want.

PlayStation Stars is available now.

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