PlayStation Fan Shares Gorgeous Cassette Tape-Inspired Artwork For Exclusive Games

Given the popularity of recent playstation exclusive like god of war, The Last of Usand Horizon, it is no surprise that artistic players have wanted to pay homage to these franchises – and a recent collection of posters shows love for all of them. Intriguingly, this PlayStation-centric artwork takes inspiration from cassette tapes, and all the pieces made by the artist are stunning.

Over the years, there have been numerous PlayStation posters created and shared by fans. Some gamers have made entire poster sets based on specific franchises or entire generations of games, while others have created alternate cover art for their favorite PlayStation titles. A recent collection of pieces from Reddit user PA-01 is a fun combination of both concepts, as the fan’s posters imagine cover art for cassette tapes based on three beloved IPs.


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The first poster shared by the artist is for god of war 2018, and it is a fitting inclusion given the imminent release of its sequel, God of War Ragnarok. Pictured below, the poster features Kratos and Atreus riding in a boat, with a red hue placed over the image that helps the piece stand out. This same red color scheme is applied to the PlayStation and Sony logos, while the other lettering on the cassette art is black. The other three posters have a similar style and can be viewed here.

The Last of Us received one of the cassette posters, which is also appropriately timed given the recent release of the PS5 remake. The image in question features a green photo of Joel, with the beloved protagonist seen wearing a gas mask and being surrounded by spores and vines. The Last of Us Part 2 is represented through its own poster, which features an orange theme. The image in question is pulled from the final hours of the game, with Ellie seen standing in Santa Barbara. With how the image is framed, she looks incredibly intimidating, which is fitting given the dark path she goes down in the game.

The final game represented in one of these posters is Horizon Zero Dawn, and instead of Aloy being the entire focus like one might expect, a Tallneck is shown roaming throughout the post apocalyptic world. The flame-haired protagonist can also be seen watching the majestic beast as it moves. With a QR code present alongside the Guerrilla Games logo and a tiny description of the game, there is a ton to appreciate about the artist’s distinct format.

With live action adaptations for these PlayStation games planned, as well as new entries in every franchise, plenty more fan art is guaranteed. For playstation fans with a fondness for cassette tapes and the art on their packages, though, this poster set will be tough to top.

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Source: Reddit

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