Changes and me.

“Changes and me”

hrdxa, in and as Someone From Universe.

changes are what i hate
changes are what i love,
changes are what i was
changes are what i am.

changes are how i’m lost
changes are how i’m found,
changes are how irritating
changes are how enigmatic.

changes are where i live
changes are where i leave,
changes are where i shit
changes are where i eat.

changes are when i’m sick
changes are when i’m pure,
changes are when i’m hurt
changes are when i’m joy.

~rhishaaab, the Ghonchhuu Writer.

the fact that one day everyone will go away from life and from me always pinned my heart at pain.
for it made me scare every time someone became a little special to me, that they will leave even before i’ll know.

Heart aches, stomach pains, became my only tenants
sometimes i lost temper, most times i felt helpless

windpipe choked, breathing doesn’t help
even if they find, i feel lost
eyes can’t cry, heart’s in vain.

They’re amused at me being changed and i grin at their sweet but grim promises of remaining unchanged.