Mandir Yaheen Banega

I can look into your eyes until we kiss

The story behind my favourite voice calling: Mandir Yaheen Banega

It was during one of the times when I stood too funky to say this phrase. It was
what I had recently heard of somewhere. The time when I had this dialogue out in
some different voice which I usually never used in front of all my friends, she
heard it and she laughed.

I didn’t notice that coz’ hearing laughs around me was not unusual. Few months passed and now it was one of my luckiest
and most joyful times of all, our pre boards. I was given a seat near her
and I loved myself for loving her. Giving exams in notebook pages I always used to
forget them and she always offered me some. Out of one of those few pages she wrote
“Mandir Yaheen Banega.”

I loved it more when she used to ask me to spell “Mandir Yaheen Banega”
in that funky voice of mine. And in response, she always said, “Haan, Mandir Yaheen

I just wish now if she could ask me to say it once more if she knew how much it means to me.

                                      ~HRishaaab Hu Mẽin.

Applause to help me know that someone is reading.

Hey, it’s my story.

Only when you know her you can say I am lucky.