Elbows and fingers.

will you never want

to touch fingers

and when she touched, I felt enchanted


When we touched elbows…
When we touched elbows, I felt magic. I never had the courage to do that with anyone else but I felt it enigmatically life-changing with her. I was sweating and felt cold at the same moment. For me, it turned out more and more than just a physical touch between us.
When we touched elbows, I felt a breeze the same as what we feel when we’re in love and it blew away all the answers of my mind, I was blank, I was out of my mind.
And, from that day on it felt like she was in my mind all of the time.
When we touched elbows, I couldn’t find a way to explain how I felt.
Oh, girl, believe me, someone’s lost to find you.
We fought our legs and used to bother each other for writing useless in each other’s sheets, but I never knew those useless words in our sheets would mean so much to me now.
When we touched elbows, I felt secure and tried to make her feel the same as well.
Never thought a girl and a boy who sat so near would depart and move away so early, so far.
All I want to say is I miss her so much and when I say that I truly mean it. When I say that, it doesn’t mean because you always had a positive impact on my life but because I want you to stay because I want to live the rest of my life with you, happily and sadly.
I miss touching elbows and trying touching fingers over her’s.
Doesn’t matter if she ever missed me but she means too much for me, too much extreme.



Applause to help me know that someone is reading.

two plus two gives four,

she makes me feel gone…

~HRishabh Hu Mẽin.

also known as the Elaichi Lover.