this time you decide the title

Loving her wasn’t unhappy. Loving her wasn’t trying. But trying not to do any of this is unhappy. It’s a hard try, I know, now.

It is something art; something you can’t understand as a whole but it’s those small pieces that roam-roam your heart and that’s what makes you feel special.

When I was trying to love her, at least, I felt strong enough to fight the odds for the probable cause of her refusing me, which she did and I fought, too. But now I’v decided to take another lovely-breathtaking experience because I know my feelings for her have all the potential to break me and then, the rehab.

Because of the newer decisions, I feel not strong enough to fight and to not love her, which makes me feel completely rainbow.

Ab jab bhi samandar ko dekhta hoon to pehle jaise uski yaad nahi aati bakli samandar ko dekhta hoon.

Ab jab bhi bura lagta hai toh pehle jaise uski yaad nahi aati balki bura lagta hai.

Ab jab bhi rone ka dill karta hai toh pehle ki tarah uske chehre ko yaad krke himmat nahi jutata balki rone ki koshish krta hoon.

Aap sab bakhoobi samajh rahe honge ki m apne saath kya kar rha hoon.

Also, through all these years of love in me, I’come to know that love is a practice and you cannot own it at once because you don’t love once.

Samajhne ke khatir aapka bahot bahot shukriya.