Outer Wilds gets next-gen upgrade on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

Mobius Games’ critically-acclaimed open-world mystery, Outer Wilds, is now officially available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S with next-gen console upgrades that are sure to enhance the player experience.

Outer Wilds stole the hearts of many back in 2019 for its unique style of gameplay as players embarked on a journey through a 22-minute time loop in the solar system. Now, the game is finally ready for players to be played on the next-gen tech that includes 4k and 60fps for both old and new players of the games.

“Though these consoles are new and shiny, we promise the ship is still held together with good ol’ duct tape and tree sap,” the second half of the tweet read.

Outer Wilds next-gen upgrade was first revealed back in July 2022, where they showcased a glimpse of what new changes would come to the game.

In addition to the next-gen release, Mobius Games has also revealed Patch 13 of Outer Wilds is now available for players. Apart from small and more focused bug fixes in the game’s future patches, Patch 13 has been revealed to be the “final planned major patch” so hopefully, the changes made to the game will be enough for Outer Wilds fans to feel happy with the game because this will likely be how the game stays moving forward.

“For explorers still out in the Wilds, we’re excited to announce Patch 13, out now,” Mobius Games tweeted while linking Patch 13’s notes. “Among many changes, we’ve added a new feature to Echoes of the Eye for those of you without a photographic memory.”

The upgrade is free for those who already have the game, though, those that had the Archaeologist Edition will need to upgrade the base game, as well as Echoes of the Eye Separately, according to Mobius Games’ official FAQ’s section.

This can be done on their respective store pages or wherever you initially purchased the Archaeologist Edition.

Regardless, new and old Outer Wilds fans will now be able to enjoy the game, as well as its expansion title, Echoes of the Eye, with a new fun perspective of enhanced visuals and new features for all platforms. So, relive the 2019 nostalgia of Outer Wilds again and enjoy it for all that it is worth and then some.

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