Legendary modder works to bring all Unreal Engine games to VR

Virtual Reality is one of the coolest and most functional current next steps in gaming. Putting players into these virtual worlds, having them look around, move their arms, and sometimes even their whole bodies can really enhance the experience. Simple games can feel wondrous, Fast paced games are exhilarating, and scary games discover a whole new level of terrifying. But developing for VR is a ton of work, and it’s still kind of niche so there are far from as many games out on VR as there could be. Thankfully, once again, modders are working to help change all that.

Dedicated folks out there are working hard to bring us amazing VR experiences by way of older games. We’ve seen that epic Half-Life 2 VR mod, (opens in new tab) explored the high-fantasy land of Skyrim, (opens in new tab) and even games like Valheim are getting VR (opens in new tab). Mixed News (opens in new tab) tells of a recent update to one VR mod project called the Universal Mod that could bring hundreds of games into this new perspective.

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