Japan’s ‘Mundane Halloween’ is winning the internet with its basic ‘costumes’

Yew Halloween around the world is about elaborate outfits, then in Japan it is the opposite. A popular contest known as ‘Jimi Halloween’ (Jimi in Japanese stands for simple or mundane) sees enthusiastic participation from people who dress in simple outfits or mimic ordinary scenes from everyday life.

What makes these simple outfits interesting are the hyper specifications of the things, moods or scenarios they depict.

As per Spoon & Tamago, a popular blog about life in Japan, the mundane Halloween sub-culture was started in 2014 by Daily Portal Z, a Japanese website that covers interesting trends and odd events in the east Asian island nation. The creators “kind of wanted to participate in the festivities of Halloween, but were too embarrassed to go all out in witch or zombie costumes”, so they created a concept in which people dressed up ‘normally’ but in a way that was still interesting or funny.

Soon the concept became popular and people started posting pictures of super ordinary outfits and representing everyday situations by dressing up as “a person who works from Starbucks” or “a guy waiting for his girlfriend outside the mall’s bathroom”.

This year, Daily Portal Z tweeted some of the best outfits of mundane Halloween, which soon went viral because of the accuracy of the depictions.

Among the best-dressed entries was a tired-looking man carrying a cardboard box as he dressed as a “Twitter engineer just fired by Elon Musk”. Other costumes included a lady with awkwardly cut bangs who was portraying a “person who tried to cut their own bangs, failed, and now claims it’s the latest fashion”, a man with a bleeding arm who represented “random character who appears in the early stages of the TV series in order to show that if you get bitten, you become a zombie”.

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