HRishabh Hu Mẽin

Suswagatham to Someone’s Universe. Particularly, this platform is a work of art and letters and is organised by me and me. You might get confused as there’s always someone that I mention as ‘she’ or ‘her’ but don’t worry, you know her but it’s just that you can’t find her coz’ she’s with me right now and always.

This blog is a non-profit org. and I made it for me and some personal one. It is one of the thousand million ways of how I express my love for her.

Well, according to us( me and her), she is from Spain and I am from Assam. We came to this fact while talking unknowingly on a stage where we usually tried to meet. I will tell you the rest of the story in my future posts that you can touch and feel.

Tum log bade haraami ho, saari kahani ek jhatke me paana chahte ho pr beta itna aasaan nhi. “Jo aanand safar-e-zindagi me hai vo maza manjil-e-maut me kahan.”

To dheere dheere, zindagi ke saath, haath me haath daalkar chalte jao aur ishq-e-ehsaas hone do.

“Jab tak tu mile nahi, tab tak taaro me tu kaheen” ~by HRishaaab Hu Mẽin .

Everything that happens once might never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.

~HRishaaab Hu Mẽin.

See you by the side papi, until then happy reading!

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