Internet trolls Tasha K with hilarious memes over Megan Thee Stallion and Teyana Taylor claims

Tasha K is getting slammed by her followers after going on an Instagram Live with Nicki Minaj.

During the live, Tasha shared details about Megan Thee Stallion’s former residence, alleging that the singer was not paying rent to the homeowner. The livestream left followers disappointed as they believed the YouTuber was acting “messy.”

I see Tasha K didn’t learn her lesson after losing a $4 million dollar court case to Cardi B. Now she’s speaking on Megan thee Stallion to known hater Nicki Minaj. Perhaps Nicki is helping put money in her pockets since Tasha is in the process of losing all she owns to Cardi 🤔…

During Tasha K’s recent conversation with Nicki Minaj on social media, the former alleged that Megan Thee Stallion owed her landlord and fellow singer Teyana Taylor rent after she inadvertently caused the vandalization of the residence during her stay. Tasha said:

“You know the house that Teyana Taylor sold? You know Megan was renting that house? And that’s why her and EJ fell out.”

She went on to explain:

“That was the same house that Teyana had to beg for money from because Megan, the house got vandalized by people from her showing off the house and stuff like that. So they messed up Teyana’s front yard, backyard, you know what I’m saying, that Megan rent the house.”

Netizens react to Tasha K dragging Megan Thee Stallion on Instagram Live

Internet users were exasperated after the YouTuber took to the social media platform to accuse Megan Thee Stallion of not paying rent. Many expressed concern over the content creator making false allegations. Some claimed that they found her behavior “messy.”

Others also slammed her for involving Nicki Minaj in the discussion about Megan Thee Stallion. Some believed that the YouTuber was attempting to cause drama between the two artists. A few netizens also attacked Minaj for participating in the livestream.

A few tweets read:

MESY! Tasha K and Nicki Minaj were discussing Megan Thee Stallion on IG live just now.

Yall when tasha k got on nicki minaj live and start dragging nicki into meg mess i almost sail the motherf#8xking ocean and bring world war 3 on her a$$ . Yup oh i was harm and ready!!!!! @NICKI MINAJ

I hate how all of these people in the industry try to use Nicki Minaj for clout. Tasha K is a perfect example. Nicki was graceful enough to add her to her Live and she immediately is messy. She even had the nerve to broadcast Nicki’s Live in her show. Opportunist azz BOZO

First off Nicki Minaj can talk about whoever and whatever tf she wants. TASHA K brought MEGAN THEE STALLION up. Hot heads imma need you to be quiet before I go dig Megan’s Mother up from her grave and throw her dusty bones on Megan’s doorstep

@NICKI MINAJ Don’t ever talk to tasha k and don’t bring her to the radio 🤦🏽‍♀️

Hours after Tasha and Nicki went on the livestream together, Megan Thee Stallion seemingly responded with a tweet that read, “Weird”

Celebrity blogger debunks false allegations made by Tasha K

After the livestream went viral across social media platforms, celebrity blogger KenBarbie took to Twitter claiming that the YouTuber was spreading misinformation.

The blogger explained in a tweet that Megan did rent a home from Teyana Taylor for a short time between 2019 and 2020. However, the house was not the same one that recently got vandalized.

Meg rented from Teyana for a very short period in 2019 and left very early 2020. Teyana just sold the home nearly a month ago, it is not the same home of Meg’s that was recently burglarized. Tasha also raised false allegations on Meg’s fall out with her former stylist EJ King…

The blogger also debunked the false allegations made about Megan Thee Stallion’s relationship with her former stylist EJ King.

In the video, Tasha alleged that Megan and her stylist had a fallout due to Megan not paying rent to Teyana. However, the claims seem to be false. KenBarbie claimed that the duo were working together during Megan’s stay at Teyana Taylor’s residence. Speaking about Megan and EJ, KenBarbie said:

“The two actually didn’t stop working together until the Tory incident which took place in July 2020.”

Tasha alleged EJ & Megan fell out due to Meg “ruining” Teyana’s home & owing her… Keep in mind, Megan left the home in early 2020, she was still working with EJ way past that & the two actually didn’t stop working together until the Tory incident which took place in July 2020.

The blogger went on to speculate whether Megan Thee Stallion would be the next celebrity to sue Tasha after the YouTuber’s feud with Cardi B.

What happened between Tasha K and Cardi B?

Reportedly, Cardi B is relentlessly trying to collect her four million dollars settlement from Tasha. According to Radar Online, Cardi B has filed paperwork with Google in hopes of getting part of Tasha’s checks.

This comes after Cardi B sued the blogger for defamation. The latter made lewd comments about the rapper on her show UnWineWithTashaK which led to a lawsuit against her.

In one video, Tasha K, whose real name is LaTasha Kebe, announced that Cardi B performed intimate acts “with beer bottles on f**king stripper stages.”

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