Internet Laughs at How Husband ‘Doesn’t Watch’ Wife’s Favorite TV Shows

One married couple’s viral video has hilariously highlighted a very relatable scene in many marriages.

Melz and Chris have racked up over 500,000 followers with their self-described “marriage humor” content. Their recent video on a very familiar situation for many has gained over 2.3 million views.

It’s a recognized moment: your partner tells you they don’t like your favorite TV show and don’t want to watch it with you, only to find themselves standing in the room and highly invested every time it comes on the screen.

“This is how my husband doesn’t watch my stupid shows when I put them on,” Malz captioned the video of Chris. Melz spun the camera around from the TV screen to show Chris, who was perched with his knee resting on the couch, watching the TV with a drink in hand.

Stock image of a couple watching TV at home. One married couple’s viral video has hilariously highlighted a very relatable scene in many marriages.
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It’s no secret that TV plays a huge part in the modern relationship, even if most don’t want to admit it.

Although some treat it as a guilty pleasure, watching TV together can actually be highly beneficial for married couples. A study by Propeller Insights and Xfinity on 1,935 adults aged between 25 and 49 showed that 66 percent of couples found watching TV together strengthened their relationship.

Almost 30 percent of couples admitted to canceling a social engagement to watch their favorite TV show together while 55 percent of parents have even put their children to bed at a different time in order to catch their favorite TV show together.

It’s also a big part of future relationships too, the study showed, with around 30 percent of single millennials saying that they have chosen not to date someone based off their TV preferences.

With TV clearly having such a huge role in modern relationships and marriages, Malz and Chris’ viral scenario had fellow TikTok users rushing to share their very own similar stories.

“They really think that if they don’t sit down then they aren’t really watching it,” wrote one TikTok user.

“Mine swears that he can’t stand my shows but boy does he have an opinion when something juicy happens,” joked another.

One user shared: “He then eventually sits and then yells from the bathroom to tell him when he’s back on.”

“I put it on and he pretends to look at his phone. When I look over he is actually staring at the TV screen,” commented a TikTok viewer.

For one user, the pose Chris took in the video has earned the term “flamingo stance” as a common occurrence with men in the family.

Newsweek has contacted Melz and Chris for comment.

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