Half-Life Alyx Could Be Coming to PlayStation VR2

Half Life: Alyx could be in development for the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset, if a claimed leak is to be believed. The PS VR2 headset is tentatively planned to release for the PlayStation 5 in 2023. Without a firm release date, relatively few virtual reality game releases have been confirmed for the platform as of yet. A partnership between PlayStation and Valve, even if it was just for Half Life: Alyxwould be significant and would easily be among the biggest games confirmed for PS VR2 up to this point.


Half Life: Alyx is the latest game in Valve’s iconic Half Life franchise, serving as a prequel to the events of Half Life 2. While the virtual reality game was developed to work with all major VR headsets, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it was pushed alongside Valve’s first-party VR headset the Valve Index. Valve notably did not bring Half Life: Alyx to the PS4 via the PS VR, however. It didn’t squash the possibility of a port, but understandably said its priority was PC.

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The latest claimed leak, sourced from website The Leak, claims that an anonymous source has confirmed Valve and PlayStation have now reached a deal regarding Half Life: Alyx. The leak is thin on details, but says that Sony has purchased the rights for Half Life: Alyx and will be publishing the game on PS5 in 2023.

One detail that was confirmed in the report is that Half Life: Alyx will not be a PS VR2 launch title. While a release date hasn’t been confirmed for the PS VR2 yet, it’s expected in the first half of 2023. That could mean that Half Life: Alyx is tentatively planned for a fall or holiday 2023 release. Having Half Life: Alyx as a PS VR2 launch title would be significant, so a delayed release would imply that there’s still work to be done porting the project to console.

Obviously, Half Life: Alyx coming to PS VR2 is a very big deal, at least with respect to the overall virtual reality gaming landscape. There is no bigger game release for virtual reality at this point than Half Life: Alyx, and perhaps no better example of what virtual reality is capable of. Having that on PlayStation 5 means more people will get to experience Half Life: Alyxand that’s something everyone should celebrate.

It deserves to be repeated, though, that this is a rumor and not from a source that’s entirely reliable. Until Valve and PlayStation officially announce that Half Life: Alyx is coming to PS VR2, fans should remain skeptical. That announcement may or may not come in 2022. Either way, it’s a very exciting possibility.

Half Life: Alyx is available now on PC.

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Source: The Leak

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