Games On PlayStation With The Best Parkour Mechanics

Parkour mechanics can make many experiences for players in gaming feel more freeing while also looking cool as they scale skyscrapers or leap between buildings swiftly. Many genres and titles have used Parkour to improve the gameplay of their game while being either a side feature or a main function that is integral to the gaming experience.

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Players can also enjoy these parkour mechanics on a variety of consoles such as the PlayStation as its controller benefits greatly from the smoothness of vaulting over fences and gliding across buildings. There are plenty of games that have brilliant parkour mechanics available to those playing on PlayStation with some being exclusive to the platform.


10/10 Cyberpunk 2077

Although Cyberpunk 2077’s original amount of parkour potential didn’t make it into the final version of the game players are still able to traverse the world of Night City in a variety of parkour like ways. Many Gigs in the game have a variety of optional methods of completing them from how the player enters the building to how they interact with people.

There may be a way to enter the building from its roof and a player will need to find a way to climb on top of the building. This can be assisted by purchasing and installing Leg Cyberware such as the Reinforced Tendons which allow a player to double jump and therefore reach places they couldn’t originally.

9/10 Treasures Of The Aegean

Even sidescroller like Treasures of the Aegean have the potential to make create parkour titles. When parkour master Marie Taylor and treasure hunter James Andrew find themselves stuck in a time loop while trying to discover what happened to the Minoan civilization they must use their skills to escape.

Traversing this platformer will require players to time their jumps perfectly as they not only swing across vines but climb steep cliffs and vault over obstacles. This makes for an exciting and playful experience while players search the world for clues on what is going on as well as treasures.

8/10 Severed Steel

In fast-paced combat in a stylized world, players not only must time their shots well while surviving in Severed Steel but also push themselves to their limits. The experience is made even cooler as players perform incredible stunts to vault over enemies while avoiding damage.

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Parkour adds the frenzy to Severed Steel as players must slide kick, throw weapons, and vault obstacles all in a desperate attempt to come out on top of intense combat around every corner. The environment itself is there for the player to use as it isn’t only destructible but a playground for the parkour mechanics.

7/10 refuct

In opposition to the intense nature of the prior game, refuct hopes to create a relaxing experience that leaves players to learn the mechanics of the game at their own pace. refuct hopes to be the player’s playground as they leap between platforms with one of the most relaxing soundtracks in the background.

Players are expected to use wall-jumps, jump boards, lifts, and other parkour-based tools and skills to traverse this simplistic world that is highly addictive especially with how short and easy it is to complete.

6/10 Ghostrunner

With runner being in the title of Ghostrunner it is of no surprise that those looking for a challenging and unique fast-paced slasher from a first-person perspective are playing this title. Not only is it set in a vibrant world in the cyberpunk style but also has the potential to make a player think about the parkour they are performing.

In order to succeed players must wall-run and dodge between enemies while using features such as slowing time in a hope to outrun their opponent before they are able to shoot and cause the player to do it again.

5/10 Dishonored 2

Combining parkour with magic makes traversing the grim and unforgiving world of Dishonored 2 that much more manageable while also opening avenues on how best to subdue a player’s target. Similar to cyberpunkplayers are given the freedom to fulfill an objective in a variety of ways, and therefore it provides different pathways they can take such as exploring the highroad or leaping across buildings.

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Taking back the role of the supernatural assassin also allows the player to decide if they take a stealthier approach by using parkour to avoid enemies or a brutal one where it is used to create the element of surprise.

4/10 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

This action title is by far one of the greatest parkour titles available on PlayStation, it doesn’t only have a brilliant story but an amazing world for players to free run through. The protagonist Faith has incredible movement as she slides and sprints across the tops of towers and through buildings allowing players to feel as if they are actually a parkour master.

Movement and momentum are both crucial elements for players to master as they come to terms with the fluidity of their actions. Faith can quickly accelerate for a brief burst of speed or turn in the opposite direction to avoid enemies.

3/10 Assassin’s Creed Unity

Tea Assassin’s Creed franchise is well-known by players for its brilliant parkour and free running allowing players to experience free running through wondrous historical periods of time. Although parkour is seen in all versions of the franchise many fans of the series believe Assassin’s Creed Unity has the best parkour available.

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Running along the roofs or balconies of France during the French Revolution doesn’t only allow players to be a part of this period of time with a top-down view of the situation but also enjoy the skill of Arno.

2/10 Horizon Forbidden West

Although Horizon Forbidden West’s parkour mechanic may not be one of the most prominent features in the game especially considering how the epic machine animal battles players face outshine it. This doesn’t stop how well-used these features are in the game.

In the recent addition to the Horizon franchise players aren’t able to climb just anything and must analyze the world around them to locate what ledges can be climbed making for a more realistic experience. With tools such as the grapple also being implemented in the new game it opens further avenues of parkour to the player.

1/10 Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Another brilliant combination of genre with mechanics is the parkour available to players while playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human. While the first game in the franchise opened players eyes to its parkour, Dying Light 2 continues its legacy beautifully in a world with even more places to put its mechanics to the test.

Being able to vault over a zombie to then use a melee attack to finish them off is not only cool but incredibly powerful. A player can also improve their parkour with upgrades they can unlock while leveling up.

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