Gamer Survives Lightning Strike While Playing PlayStation at Home

According to CDC findings, approximately 40 million lightning strikes strike the ground in the United States each year. Nevertheless, the chances of being struck by lightning are less than one in a million in any given year, and nearly 90% of all lightning strike victims survive.

This man from the United Kingdom was struck by lightning and survived. He was also playing PlayStation in his living room when the bizarre incident happened.

Man Gets Struck by Lightning While Indoors

According to 9GAG, an adult man from the United Kingdom was rushed to the nearest hospital after being struck by lightning indoors and suffering blisters and burns. Aidan Rowan was relaxing with his favorite video games when the unexpected occurred.9

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Rowan tells reporters that he felt a heavy sensation of searing heat in his body after hearing a loud crack. According to the man, it took about a minute for him to regain consciousness and go upstairs to ask his partner for a wet towel to help him heal his already burned arm.

His partner was perplexed by the odor of burnt flesh from the direct lightning strike on his skin. As he was being taken to the hospital, his husband noticed that his arm was still blistering from the effect of the lightning hit.

“I was rushed to an assessment room, and they said it looked like a lightning strike,” said Rowan. “Nine doctors from various departments came to examine me, and I was put on a heart monitor and given blood tests,” the 33-year-old Abingdon native told reporters.

Oxford Mail reports that Rowan now has long scars on his right arm as well as a “starburst-shaped” burn on his right hand. Doctors believe the lightning “bounced off the water and through the window” because hot weather had hardened the ground, causing rainwater to collect on top.

Gamer was Playing ‘Stray’ When Hit by Lightning

The hit cat simulation adventure game Stray has an intro cutscene that shows a group of cats resting inside what looks like a ruined building. They purr and sleep as a lightning storm rages on. At dawn, when the sun finally shines, the tabby cat protagonist starts its exhilarating action-filled adventure.

“I was happily playing #stray on #playstation when there is a loud bang and I feel a heavy jolting sensation. 5 hours at the hospital confirmed that I was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING through the open window!” Rowan who tagged himself as “stormstruckcosplay” posted on Instagram.

When a lightning storm is nearby, the CDC advises people to avoid staying in elevated areas. Make sure you have as little contact with the ground as possible. Also, never seek shelter under a tree because doing so increases your chances of being struck by lightning.

Meanwhile, what should you do to avoid being struck by lightning while indoors? The National Weather Service recommends that you avoid using corded phones, computers, and other electrical devices that put you in direct contact with electricity. It is also advised not to stay near windows, doors, or porches, as well as near walls.

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