Every Official PlayStation 5 Controller Color (So Far), Ranked

Being able to have the perfect color for their controller is one of those little privileges in life that can bring so much joy to a gamer. While there is certainly nothing wrong with sticking to the default color of a controller, sometimes it’s nice to break the mold and go with something that fits the style of the gamer.

Thankfully, Sony has delivered such an opportunity with seven variations of controllers for the PlayStation 5 at the moment with likely more to come in the future. They range from neon colors to pastel colors to monochrome, allowing gamers to find just what they need should they decide to get the console or get a replacement controller.


7 Honorable Mention: DualSense Edge

Technically, this is not a new color variant but an entirely new controller that Sony surprised everyone with, featuring new functions and buttons. However, it’s worth mentioning because the coloring of the controller is different from the basic controller. At first, it may look the same with the white body with black accents, but it actually has a glossy finish to the black portions of the controller.

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On the touchpad is a noticeable patterning with the shape symbols of the buttons sprawled across the entire touchpad; Little details like that go a long way. On top of that, the D-pad and other buttons are black with white symbols to help them stand out even more.

6 White

For multiple generations, black has been the default color for the basic controller that comes with the system. That is not the case with the PlayStation 5; the controller is designed to match the tall and powerful console which has a snow-white color scheme. It’s a nice way to not only be distinguished from other generations but also to be different from the all-black Xbox Series X, one of the best gaming controllers of all time.

There is only one issue when it comes to this controller color. It may look and feel nice on the surprisingly multifunctional controller, but if the player does not wash their hands often, the white color will show off every bit of dirt and grime that the hands have come into contact with. Other than that, it’s a nice controller that is much bigger than before and keeps the touchpad functionality that made the PS4 controller so famous.

5 Midnight Black

If the new white color scheme doesn’t appeal, there is another option available for the same price: midnight black. It’s a soft matte black that sticks to the colors of previous consoles, and it still looks nice. It still has changes made from other generations such as the symbols on almost all the buttons being bright white and this makes the buttons pop out more than others.#

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The black also allows the multicolored lights of the touchpad to shine more vividly, especially in the dark. The black can still match the console as well since the PlayStation 5 is a mix of black and white. As a bonus, black is a basic but universal color that can fit with most styles of equipment and can match essentially any game if that is ever a concern.

4 Starlight Blue

Rather than the darker royal blue that if often found on variant controllers, the PS5 DualSense Controller has a Starlight Blue variant. It’s more of a sky-blue color and is very fitting for kids and adults alike. It’s perfect to go along with games such as Subnautica and Horizon: Forbidden West; games that have a more vibrant tone to their art styles.

The Starlight Blue comes from the first wave of controller colors, so it costs $75 USD. Similar to the white controller, the brighter shade of blue will show any dirt and filth easier, but anybody who prefers pastel colors should look into the Starlight Blue variant.

3 Galactic Purple

Purple is a new color that was not seen often with previous generations of consoles except for the Nintendo GameCube where it was the default color. With the PS5 DualSense controller, the Galactic Purple is a dark purple that can look rather different depending on the lighting. In certain lighting, the controller will almost look blue.

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Purple is not a common theme for games, but there are a few select titles looking for games to match the controller. The new superhero RPG Gotham Knights has a purple theme, as does Ghostwire Tokyoand Life Is Strange: True Colors. On top of that, Sony does have skins available for the PS5 console itself to mix or match with the controllers.

2 Nova Pink

Though the male demographic will surely like it too, it’s still nice to see Sony having gamer girls in mind; especially in a world where women are now rising stars in the gaming community. In the first wave of colors came Nova Pink which is a rather vibrant pink, almost a magenta-like color that really pops out.

A lot of games share this color theme such as Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy which embraces a colorful 80s aesthetic mixed with modern visuals with all of its characters and locations. It could also fit with the wild and hilarious world of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. As a bonus, the Nova Pink features white symbols for the buttons, similar to the black and Edge controllers.

1 Cosmic Red

Red seems to be a favorite since it seems like every generation of consoles offers red variants to purchase. This darker shade of red is appealing to the eyes and is one of those hues that changes heavily depending on the lighting. Similar to the black controller, the button symbols stand out but instead of white, they are more of a bright pink to fit within the red buttons.

Sometimes the controller looks red, sometimes it looks pink, and other times it almost resembles burgundy. This color will also match some exclusive titles for the PS5 including various horror games on the PS5, the Marvel’s Spider-Man games, and god of war as well as its sequel, God Of War: Ragnarok. It’s just a nice universal color that kids and adults of all kinds and demographics can enjoy.

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