Cox Innovation Lab to set standard for advanced learning | Youth

VSox recently opened yet another Innovation Lab for the Boys and Girls Club of the Valley. This one is at the The Bob Bove branch in Avondale.

The innovation lab brings a state-of-the-art learning facility that is equipped with a plethora of advanced technologies. Some of the new features include 3D and laser printing, media production computers and virtual reality, all of which bring the focus of advancing the way that the next generation learns and creates.

“At Cox, we have a commitment to break down barriers and make it easier for all children to have access to the internet,” said Andrea Katsenes, director of media relations. “We’re trying to cover all parts of the areas that we serve. And partnering with the Boys and Girls Club in Avondale was a natural partnership, as we have done with many other boys and girls clubs throughout Arizona.”

The Bob Bove branch innovation lab, which is located at 301 E. Western Avenue, No. 2347, Avondale, is one of 47 locations across the state. The spawning of these innovation labs across the state has been a part of a grander plan — the 34-by-34 Program, which aims to give over 34 million people access to the internet by 2034.

At the launch of the Avondale location, Cox partnered with former Super Bowl LI champion Malcom Mitchell to help open the location. Mitchell played just one season in the NFL, but won the Super Bowl in 2016 with the New England Patriots.

After his retirement from the league, Mitchell dedicated the rest of his career to helping young children attain the skills necessary to having successful learning capabilities.

“When he started at the University of Georgia, he was very behind on his reading level as he was entering college,” Katsenes said. “So, he realized how important reading is. And so now that he’s retired from the NFL, this has kind of been his mission to get out and talk about the importance of not only reading literacy, but digital literacy as well.”

In a seemingly natural partnership, Mitchell and Cox together opening this new innovation lab will make strides for advancing the ability to learn for kids at the Bob Bove branch. As the way that education evolves and the technologies currently used get more advanced, they will have access to the technologies needed in order to attain a proper education and will have the tools that will help them succeed far beyond their previous capabilities.

Having a place to do their homework that allows them to succeed, and all of the other new additions will be essential to their growth as students, thus paving the way for a brighter future for the next generation of Avondale’s children.

“There’s going to be 20 new computers that can be on the internet and do homework and just do papers and research and all sorts of things,” Katsenes said. “It just opens up a whole new world.”

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