Caretaker struggles to weigh baby Emperor penguin; internet is all hearts

Representational image. British Antarctic Survey

Cute animal videos never fail to lift our mood. These creatures often make us laugh with their hilarious and notorious actions. One such adorable video has been shared on Twitter recently. In the video, it can be seen that a caretaker is struggling to keep a baby emperor penguin on a weighing machine. She can be seen trying to hold the adorable bird on the machine, but it keeps running away repeatedly. The fluffy bird refuses to stay at the same spot and keeps struggling with . As per the caption, the penguin is 97 days old.

Have a look at this video here:

The hilarious video attracted a range of different reactions. Some users suggested alternatives to weigh the penguin in the comments section. A viewer commented, “Why don’t you just weight yourself carrying it, and then weigh yourself without, and then subtract?”

Some people were surprised by the size of baby penguin. An individual wrote that he is aware about the large size of emperor penguins but he was still surprised to see the huge baby.

Some people pointed out that it should not have taken so long to weigh the penguin and that the chick stayed long enough for them to get the weight.

Others explained why it was taking so long to weigh the bird. An individual wrote that the caretakers are being thorough so that they can get the accurate weight and avoid any overdose of medicine when the penguin falls sick.

A few viewers compared the penguin to their pets.

Individuals were mesmerized by the fluffiness of the penguin.

This is not the only adorable video of a baby penguin making the rounds on social media. Recently, a video was shared on Twitter in which a person can be seen providing water to a thirsty baby penguin through a water bottle.

Watch the video here:

In the clip, the person tilts the water bottle a little bit so that the water can flow out of it and the adorable baby bird can drink it. The little penguin desperately drinks water as the water falls, indicating that it was very thirsty.

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