Black Adam’s Credits Scene Gets Leaked As DC Tries To Scrub The Internet Of Spoilers

The first half of this story is completely spoiler free, and does not ruin Black Adam. We will get into Black Adam spoilers later in the story, but will warn you long before they happen.

Studios do everything in their power to prevent leaks on their major movies… usually of the comic book kind. Screenings of studio blockbusters are limited to major markets where security can keep a lid on spoilers and piracy. But once the movie hits the open market, it unfortunately is fair game for the audience to post whatever it sees fit. And that’s what is happening with the anticipated end-credits scene for DC’s new movie black adamstarring none other than Dwayne Johnson. If you want to stay unspoiled for the scene, which won’t be in theaters until October 21, then start staying off of social media.

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