Best Sports VR Games For The Valve Index

Virtual reality is all about immersion and an activity that most humans wish they could dominate in real life that they could excel with VR is sports. Being able to pull off cool feats of athletic prowess by just wearing a headset and using a controller properly can feel almost as amazing as the real thing.

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For those with a PC, players are likely to use Steam for a lot of their gaming. Parent company Valve has its own headset called the Valve Index that can be used to create some virtual sports experiences. But which sports VR games work well with the Index?


7/7 VR Skater

It’s hard to believe that there hasn’t been a landmark skateboarding game in the virtual reality space yet, but Deficit Games is attempting to make an impact with its debut title VR Skater. Currently in early access, the experience is said to be a mixture of both arcade and simulation elements.

Played entirely in first-person, players will be able to explore four maps with the full support of the Valve Index’s controllers. There is also a Skate Academy in the game that allows players to learn how to perform tricks. The plan is to add a main campaign that will have challenges implemented throughout.

6/7 Blacktop Hoops

Some of the biggest titles that release on a year-to-year basis are sports games focused on professional leagues. Those can be fun, but it’s also nice to get a title focused on just playing the sport in the neighborhood instead of in a stadium.

That is where the virtual reality title Blacktop Hoops comes in. Another game in early access, the entry focuses on playing basketball on an outdoor court against either an AI opponent or a friend. So far, there aren’t a ton of modes beyond training and playing against a computer. However, those who enjoy the basics in basketball will enjoy the mechanics already built in.

5/7 All-In-One Sports VR

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick a sport to play because there are so many good ones that can be translated into a virtual reality experience. Luckily, All-In-One Sports VR is here to allow players to pick between 11 different sporting events to get them into shape.

Available to play alone or with another friend in multiplayer, the experience includes sports like archery, billiards, baseball, and so much more. There’s also a range of customization options for the player character and difficulty options for those who want to take it easy or be challenged.

4/7 Premium Bowling

Bowling is one of those activities that allows for everyone to participate and have a good time with. A good bowling video game is one that embraces that notion while still simulating the sport in the most realistic way possible. Premium Bowling is currently among the best in that category.

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An entry that can be played with the Valve Index or simply just computer monitors, the game features both single player and multiplayer options and many bowling alleys to choose from. The game has a built-in commentator, voice chat, and even an editor to allow players to make their own personalized bowling ball.

3/7 The Thrill Of The Fight

If there is any sport that is perfectly fit for the virtual reality experience, it is boxing. And while there are a handful of solid options to choose from that are compatible with the Valve Index, the one to keep an eye on is The Thrill of the Fight.

This experience is focused on being more of a simulation than anything else. The other fighters in the game all have their own style of fighting that will require the player to learn and understand how they can both attack the fighter and defend themselves. The Thrill of the Fight does require some extra physical space to play it.

2/7 Walkabout Mini Golf VR

Like bowling, mini-golf is another one of these activities that anyone can pick up and have a good time with, which makes them perfect for video games. There are so much out there for mini-golf fans in the gaming space, but for those looking for a good mini-golf game on the Valve Index, it’s worth checking out Walkabout Mini Golf VR.

This experience isn’t meant to be for those who want the simple roadside golfing places. Each course is built around large landscapes, which leads to some creative and challenging design in the gameplay. Up to eight players can participate in a round together, but like all these multiplayer games, there is solo play as well.

1/7 Eleven Table Tennis

It’s hard to believe that one of the highest reviewed sports titles on Steam is based on table tennis, but Eleven Table Tennis has done a great job on its mission to being one of the most realistic simulations of the sport in the virtual reality space.

There are multiple AI opponents that players can face, but this game also has built-in multiplayer as well. There are also multiple settings, including playing in the calm setting of a home and playing on a larger scale stage in an arena. No matter where the match takes place, those who enjoy this classic sport will truly enjoy Eleven Table Tennis.

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