Best PS5 Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Beneath each game icon on the PS5 home page lies a series of related activity cards. These cards compartmentalize various tasks (primarily trophies) and help players keep track of what achievements they’re missing and how to accomplish them. However, activity cards also offer a secondary fast-travel function in certain games.

Say, for instance, you are playing Demons Souls and want to teleport to the Gates of Boletaria without walking through the Nexus. Simply select the “Gates of Boletaria” activity card and press the square button (or the on-screen “Resume Activity” button), and the game will teleport you to the area. You can use this trick either while in the game or before starting it (either way is faster than the in-game route). And Demons Souls isn’t the only title with this time-saving functionality. The activity cards of Astro’s Playroom and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales also spirit players to select locations within their games.

Again, this feature isn’t available in every game, but those that utilize it open up far more avenues for saving time. Without these cards and their map teleportation functionality, BertoPlease wouldn’t have achieved his remarkable Demons Souls speedrun time of 53 minutes and 57.3 seconds.

Use PS5 3D Audio Without 3D Headphones

One of the PlayStation 5’s biggest selling points is the power of the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset. Why purchase a high-end soundbar when you can buy the VR headset equivalent to headphones? Then again, the better question just might be, “Why purchase a 3D headset when you can simulate 3D Audio with what you already have at home?”

Hidden in the PlayStation 5 Settings menu sits the Sound menu. This section controls the PS5 controller’s microphone, the TV output speakers, and the general volume. The menu also has two more options: “3D Audio for TV Speakers” and “3D Audio for Headphones.” As the names suggest, these tabs let users experience spatial audio without Sony’s proprietary wireless headphones.

Before you can use these modes, you have to enable them and then set them up for your desired configuration (not everyone’s TV speakers or ears work the same way). In order for speakers to harness the power of 3D audio, you have to measure your gaming room’s acoustics. Thankfully, the PS5 can do that for you. Select the “Measure Room Acoustics Using TV Speakers” option, hit the “Next” button when your DualSense controller is fully updated (and when its microphone is on), and finally hold it flat at eye level and select “Start Measurement.” The console will emit a series of beeps. Once it’s finished, you can use 3D audio with your pre-existing speakers. But what if you don’t like the result? Then “3D Audio for Headphones” might be more your speed. Just plug your preferred headphones into your controller’s audio jack, enable the 3D audio headphones option, and select “Adjust 3D Audio Profile” to pick the mode you think sounds best.

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