Best PlayStation 2 Games To Play With Friends

Tea playstation2 is one of the highest-selling consoles of all time. Its popularity is a major reason why Sony has become such a successful company in the video game space. A big reason why many people wanted a PlayStation 2 was due to its unique library of games.

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In that library, some of the most popular titles were multiplayer games that consistently brought a ton of joy to the people who played them. Unfortunately, since it has been two decades since the PlayStation 2’s launch, some experiences may not have aged well. However, there are a good number of titles that are still fun with friends today.


7/7 The Simpsons: Road Rage

The Simpsons is one of the most popular animated shows of all time and, in the PlayStation 2 era, had some of the best games on the system. One of these games was a Crazy Taxi clone called The Simpsons: Road Rage. This title featured Homer and many Springfield citizens looking to create a taxi service to combat the nuclear-driven bus service started by Mr. Burns.

The goal of the game is very similar to the experience they decided to parody. Players must drive around the neighborhood and pick up the various citizens in town to drive them to the destination they desire. In versus mode, the player who earns a certain amount of money first wins. Friends playing against each other can also steal passengers from one another.

6/7 Ratchet: Deadlocked

In the history of PlayStation, one of its most notable franchises that continues to produce games to this day is Ratchet and Clank. The action platformer is used to focusing on a great single-player campaign revolving around Ratchet saving the world, but Ratchet: Deadlocked features a robust multiplayer side.

There is a couch co-op with Ratchet: Deadlocked that involves the player taking control of a combat bot and can use any of the weapons Ratchet has, but the two players can’t use the same gun at the same time. In addition, there are five competitive multiplayer modes including “Capture the Flag,” “Deathmatch,” and “King of the Hill.”

5/7 TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

First-person shooters still remain incredibly popular today, but one memorable franchise that hasn’t had a game since 2005 is Time Splitters by Free Radical Design. While a new entry is in the works, it is worth revisiting the most recent iteration of the series called TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

The main campaign surrounds Sergeant Cortez traveling back in time to save the world, but multiplayer options include a friend joining the campaign in co-op and various multiplayer options that players can pick up and play at any time. One of the primary methods to play with friends is through Arcade Custom, where players can set parameters for the match from the ground up.

4/7 SSX Tricky

EA BIG is a wildly beloved brand that had the most prominence in the 2000s with various popular releases for fans of sports-oriented video games. A fan favorite that still holds up today is the classic snowboarding game, SSX Tricky.

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There are a few ways to hang out and play SSX Tricky with friends. The most competitive way is to go to Single Events, which will allow players to face each other in a Race, Showoff, or Time Challenge for a specific track. Freeride also allows multiplayer, but this is for those who want to relax and explore.

3/7 Star Wars Battlefront 2

For fans of Star Wars, nothing beats being in the middle of an epic battle in the sci-fi universe. A series that has done a good job over the years of making people feel like they are a part of it is Star Wars: Battlefront. A great early example of a wonderful multiplayer experience is the 2005 version of Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

The game doesn’t have online functionality on PlayStation 2 anymore, but those who enjoy split-screen co-op will still get a kick out of playing the main campaign with a friend. There is also a Galactic Conquest mode that involves the player taking over planets and fighting enemy forces.

2/7 Guitar Hero 2

It is no question that Guitar Hero is among the best rhythm franchises to come out. The series was iconic for its unique guitar-shaped peripheral and having an amazing soundtrack associated with nearly every entry. Guitar Hero 2 is considered an installment that made Guitar Hero a household name.

With two peripherals available, friends can either work together to succeed at one song or challenge each other in two competitive modes. Face-Off has players take on a song with the option for each player to select their own difficulty. Pro Face-Off locks players to a specific difficulty and both are playing the lead guitar track.

Fighting games are always a great time when wanting to challenge friends in a video game. A game that still holds up today and is widely considered among the best the genre has ever seen is Marvel vs. Capcom 2which was originally released in arcades before being ported to consoles like the PlayStation 2.

A few years after the first Marvel vs. Capcom game, the sequel introduces the concept of having each player take control of three characters and pitting them against each other with a system that allows characters to be tagged in for specific scenarios. There is a total of 28 Marvel characters and 28 Capcom characters.

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