Battlefield 2042 PlayStation free access taking place from December 16th

EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 2042’s PlayStation free access will be running from December 16th to December 23rd. Almost everything will be available during the free access period, except the Season 3 Premium Battle Pass. Only players who own Battlefield 2042 will have access to that battle pass. This announcement follows last week’s that the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play in December.


According to FAQ, those who play during the free access period will be able to play on 15 different maps, including reworked ones, use over 100 weapons and gadgets, use 40 vehicles, play as 13 different specialists, and experience six game modes. The Portal Builder will also be available to change things up. There will be login rewards to earn including the Specialists, Lis and Crawford, as well as some cosmetics. If you decide to buy Battlefield 2042 after the free access period then all progression and purchases will be carried over, with the game itself available at a discount.

Some details of Season 3: Escalation were revealed last week. One of the big returns coming with Season 3 in update 3.2 will be the return of Classes, as the Specialist system gets reworked. Classes will have their own equipment and gadgets, as well as class proficiencies. An example given is the recon class being able to hold its breath longer when aiming down the sights of a sniper. The class system will continue to be refined so specialists are improved to fit within these systems. The XM8 from Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be added in Season 3. Battlefield 3’s A91 is coming to the game too.

Manifest is going to be the first map that will be updated in Battlefield 2042’s season 3. Flags will be closer together so there is less time between players facing each other, and risk of action slowing down. The radar station has been destroyed and there will be more cover points as well. There will be new pathways in Manifest along with a new Rush layout that should improve the flow of the game. Later in the season, Breakaway will be refined too. In Breakway, the oil rig has been moved closer to the rest of the field, with new paths added as well. The flags have been rearranged in the town, as well as two new ones being added included a downed condor. Season 3 will see new a specialist, new battle pass, and a new infantry focused map based in Sweden.

Source: Press Release


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