Anatomage VR Brings Interactive Anatomy Learning to The Metaverse

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Anatomage Inca market leader in medical imaging technology, today announced the release of the Anatomage VR – a virtual reality application that gives users the opportunity to explore Anatomage’s real human bodies in the metaverse.

Imagine you have the superpower to see through the person in front of you. While looking at their body, you can peel back the skin to see their muscle and tissue. You can trace their veins and arteries moving blood throughout their body. You can fly into the chambers of the heart to experience how cardiac structures work together to make the heart beat. In the metaverse, you have this superpower with Anatomage VR.

Since the company’s inception in 2004, Anatomage has offered the most detailed, accurate and interactive human anatomy tool available with the Anatomage Table. Today, Anatomage has successfully incorporated that same flagship technology into Anatomage VR.

Designed to accompany accredited high school anatomy and life science programs, Anatomage VR grants students the power to explore the world’s most realistic human anatomy through a virtual reality headset. Anatomage VR seamlessly pairs with the Anatomage Table or can be purchased and used as a standalone product in the classroom.

With Anatomage VR, students can:

  • Interact with Anatomage Table’s digital bodies, including highly detailed male and female human cadavers
  • Visualize more than 2,500 anatomical structures in each digital body
  • Play 71 animated anatomy shows to inspect anatomy regions in 3D
  • Access, customize, and incorporate 536 presets into curriculum-focused anatomy lessons
  • Simulate flythroughs to travel through 10 regions of a human body endoscopically
  • Increase student engagement with quizzing models
  • Analyze real-life pathology cases with 300 real-patient CT & MRI scans

“As the world continues to embrace new virtual reality experiences, we are excited to bring Anatomage’s world-class anatomy content to the metaverse. With Anatomage VR, students can engage with anatomy learning in a never before seen way through the cutting-edge world of VR. We are so proud that our educational content is being used to teach the next generation of medical and healthcare professionals.” — jack choiCEO of Anatomy

Get ready to interact with real human bodies in virtual reality through Anatomage VR.

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A market leader in medical imaging technology, Anatomage offers an ecosystem of 3D anatomy hardware and software, allowing users to visualize world-class content at the highest level of accuracy. Through its highly innovative products, Anatomage is transforming standard anatomy learning, medical diagnosis, and treatment planning.

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