7 times BTS’ Jimin set the internet ablaze with his sultry outfits

Jimin is all set to turn 27! While the BTS member might be growing older each year, he’ll always be ARMY’s cutie, lovely and sexy boy. Stunning millions of fans with not only his music but also his visuals, the singer certainly has cemented his status as K-pop’s IT Boy. No matter what concept, the BTS member has pulled it off with ease.

Often making fans gasp with his sultry outfits, Jimin definitely has a flair for fashion. And while we agree that Jimin’s sultry outfits can number in the hundreds, we’ve narrowed it down to the top seven that left fans in a state of absolute chaos. Take a look.

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Ravishing in Red

Let’s all agree, the clip of Jimin swaying to Filter lives rent-free in our heads. Whether it was the choreography or his expressions, Jimin’s red suit had fans losing their calm. The monochromatic three-piece suit was definitely a major serve. As if that wasn’t enough, Jimin decided to attack fans with a purple suit too!

BTS39 Jimin Filter outfit
BTS’ Jimin Filter outfit

Hot Half Suit

Becoming the talk of town for wearing this outfit, Jimin had both fans and netizens in awe. From the jacket to the white shirt and the red belt, everything about this unique half-suit was perfect. The look was so loved that Jimin’s Fake Love fancam on M2, where he wore this specific outfit, became the most viewed Korean fancam of 2018!

BTS39 Jimin Fake Love outfit
BTS’ Jimin Fake Love outfit

Simple and Slick

Perfect Man Jimin remains a fan favourite! Going for an all-black look while performing Shinhwa’s hit song, his silky orange hair enhanced his sultry look. If the all-black outfit wasn’t enough, Jimin removing his jacket mid-performance to reveal a plain tee made fans go wild.

BTS39 Jimin Perfect Man outfit
BTS’ Jimin Perfect Man outfit

Flimsy Fashion

Jimin’s look from BTS’ Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert was definitely one for the books. Dancing to his solo Serendipity in an all-black outfit, the singer dazzled with his sheer top.

BTS39 Jimin Serendipity outfit
BTS’ Jimin Serendipity outfit

Stylish on Stage

We had to include these two looks together because they’re just that iconic! The first one is a simple black suit Jimin wore during BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage while the second outfit black outfit is from the group’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself gigs. Seems like ARMY love to see the BTS member all covered up.

BTS39 Jimin Concert outfits
BTS’ Jimin Concert outfits

Daring Dresses

While fans usually find suited-up Jimin attractive, his occasional shirtless pictures are enough to drive them crazy. Be it his outfit during 2014 MNet Asian Music Awards or his see-through knit top during BTS’ Ppermission to Dance on Stage. The latest addition to this list is his Weverse Magazine photoshoot. Giving nothing but a pair of pants and a floral jacket, Jimin showed off his toned body.

BTS39 Jimin Shirtless outfits
BTS’ Jimin Shirtless outfits

Tailor of Chaos

Jimin feels ARMY into a frenzy with the preview pictures for his photo-folio. While fans wait with bated breath for every teaser, the first picture made the biggest impression. Appearing in fellow bandmate RM’s photo-folio, Jimin’s all-black leather look definitely created a lot of chaos.

BTS39 Jimin Photo-folio outfits
BTS’ Jimin Photo-folio outfits

So which sultry Jimin was your favourite? Do you like his cutie side or his sexy side? Let us know!

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